Saturday Session:26 October 2002

Been very slack with training this week so I thought I'd start the day off -

What: 2.5 miler with Mrs Godzilla - followed by 2.5 miler on my todd.
why: why not
Last hard run: long long time ago
Last easy run: Tuesday


  • What:80 mins slow.

    Why:should be speed sesh but have got a bit of a twinge,so taking it easy.

    When:outside is more desirable than my pit.

    Godzilla is on my hit list for stealing "my" daily thread!!!!


    What: 5-6M steady.
    Why: Long run the day after, rest day the day before. So an intermediate run is called for.

    Last hard: Thursday
    Last easy: Today, comparatively.
  • what: nothing
    why: x-country tomorrow
    last hard: sunday
    last easy: wednesday
  • What: nothing
    Why: travelling to Dublin today, marathon on Monday
    Last hard: Wednesday
    Last rest; all week apart from Wednesday
  • What: easy 3 miles
    Why: racing tomorrow - either XC or 10k depending on when I finish work
    Last hard day: Wed
    Last rest day: yesterday
  • What easy 8 miles
    Why because I should
    Last hard day: Tuesday
    Last rest day: Yesterday
  • What: nowt
    Why: Racing Worksop 1/2M tomorrow
    Last hard run: Tuesday
    Last rest day: Today.
  • What: 90 minutes road/path/off-road with hills around Exeter University
    Why: Weather doesn't look good for Sunday, so brought long run forward a day
    Last hard run: Wednesday
    Last rest day: Friday (could be another tomorrow!)
  • What 40 mins weights then 4x400/4x200 speed
    Why only do gym & speed once per week
    Last hard yesterday
    Last rest tuesday
  • What Nothing
    Why Fed up with cross training and in need of a rest.
    Last hard Thursday
    Last rest Wednesday - I think!!
  • What am: 5mile easy rec run.
    Why: Hill session Thursday.
    What pm: 8mile steady.
    Why: I need the miles

    Last rest: 8 days ago
    Last hard: Thursday
  • Good luck with your races tomorrow. Look forward to tales of torrential rain, gales etc.

    What: 6 miles of uninspired heavy plod in dull windy weather. Felt like cutting it short but thought that kind of attitude won't get me through the winter's marathon training!
    Why: bad planning, didn't run yesterday and must now do 10 miles tomorrow to meet this week's plan of 30 miles. Should have taken a leaf out of your book Dave, and swapped the long run over.
    Last rest: yesterday
    Last hard: Thurs
  • what: 4 miles over sand dunes, easy-steady allowing for the terrain
    why: nothing too strenuous because i'm running 16 miles tommorow

    last hard day: thurs - 12x200 in 38 seconds
    last rest/easy day: wednesday - 5 easy
  • what:nothing
    why:15 mile training run tomorrow
    last hard:thurs -hill reps
    last easy:fri- 6 mile easy
  • What: nothing - had to visit the in-laws (first time this year so not doing too badly!!)
    Why: long run tomorrow (Rutland Water - about 8 miles, still recovering from last weekend's race and Club handicap race mid-week)
    last hard run: Club handicap
    last easy: gym session on Friday
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