Thought it might be interesting to check which ISP's we all use, and hear the good and bad points about them (ed. we can't get sued for that can we?).


  • Hi Sassie!
    I'm on Virgin 24-7, which is 13.99 for unlimited use a month.

    Works ok butI did find a problem last week. I tried to use the service from my laptop when I took it to Wales, but you can only use it from your home location or it won't let you connect.

    Moving in to a new house soon so hoping to go up to broadband.

    So, what do you have?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Used AOL for the free 100 hours, but then went on to the £3.99 for 3 hours + pay the rest. First bill was £15! Now using at 1p/minute off peak (never at home during the day, and it seems great so far.
  • NTL broadband - 600kbps connection and currently 12.49 a month, though will soon be £25 - don't know how I lived without it, and PC on 24hrs a day now looking for movies and songs - great...
  • Ticali - free unlimited use, except for connection charge which is my 'best friend' on BT Friends & Family.

    Thinking about switching to Broadband if I can sort out how not to let it affect our burglar alarm.
  • NTL broadband also.Just the 128kbps connection but more than enough for this kind thing.It also frees up my phone and at 15.99 is cheaper than dial-up+extra phone line.
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    I use ClaraNet, all-you-can-eat for £15 a month. Well happy with the service, too. Planning to do ADSL sometime, but not immediately.
  • I've just upgraded to Tiscali Broadband but it does not work fully yet so I may get a rebate. £27 a month unlimited access. Great when working well & my email downloads very very fast.
  • NTL standard - can't remember if its a fiver or a tenner a month for unlimited access - you get some kind of discount if you had it when it used to be free. No complaints.
  • Tiscali - no problems. Waiting for local exchange to be geared up for broadband (supposed to happen in the next 2 years! - not holding breath).
  • I've seen a poster for NTL offering broadband at £14.99 a month. Is this for real or is it (as per IRW) an intoductory offer?
  • Telewest broadband 1 Mb connection.

    £35 per month

    I like to keep a head of things :-)
  • Freeserve "Anytime", unlimited use £13.99

    I find them very good, you usually connect first time, though if you are on hours and hours you get kicked off, but you can connect again easily.
  • Gaz - surely that's not broadband you're referring to?

    (if it is, I'll have two!)
  • I've heard this too. Don't know how true it is.
  • Bl***Y BT unlimited ha! ha!

    they ve reduced it to 150 hours a month from unlimited which is very cheeky - tied in for 12 months too

    cheeky rip off con merchants!

    will have to cut down my forum time!
  • No-one else on AOL so far then? I've tried several different ISP's, and AOL is by far the best. £15.99 per month for true unlimited access, no connection problems, and total reliability.
  • The ntl introductory offer was pretty good when we took it up a cople of years back, but they have sinces started charging about £5.somthing a month for internet unlimited and are now as said above, about to start charging £14.99 per month for broadband and about £13 for ordinary internet access - unlimited use - so far. We're considering changing back to BT or looking at AOL. The situation is under review at present.
  • DS dont go to BT - unlimited has been changed to 150 hours a month
  • Sassie - I've just switched to AOL unlimited. I've just started using the internet more (wonder why?!!). I used to use Freeserve at the phone call rate but I was running up £30 per month on calls, so decided to switch, plus it was grungingly slow.

    Might look at broadband but I need to clarify if phone calls are included in the basic price. If so then it seems like a good deal - can't believe it's true but someone told me it is.
  • Yes, phone calls included.
  • Snoop no thats not broadband, I wish it was.........
  • So...I pay £27.99 a mont (or whatever it is) and can then not only surf all the time, but ring friends all over the world for absolutely zilch? Sounds too good to be true?!?
  • BT Openworld ADSL. I refused to use a cable modem supplier - I might have been able to get 1Mb transfer, but as I live in a city, that would probably have decreased shortly - as all the people in my street got on it as well!! ADSL gives me a guaranteed (usually) 512k.
  • I use ntl dial-up at present for a fiver a month, unlimited access. This will go up to 10.00 a month in the new year, at which pont I'll change to broadband.

    The offer is true as long as you are an ntl customer. For 14.99 per month you get 128kbps connection, but they are offering up to a 1meg connection. Don't know how much for though.
  • BT Openworld ADSL. No problems, fast, always on, £29.99 a month
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Use it at work so the connection is kinda free. Not even connected properly at home yet as I make all my calls on a mobile (paid for by work) using the free minutes allowance.

    Probably about to be sacked for telling you all this though!
  • Demon ADSL at the orifice, and Freeserve Anytime ISDN at home - can't get broadband at home - boo!
  • freeserve unlimited access (same as Gaz) £13.99 a month. Need a BT line though. In my area there are busy times and connection isn't great (I think it's a con to get me to get onto broadband though). Busy times are usually 3:30pm - 5pm & 7pm - 11pm and school holidays are a nightmare in the day. I imagine all the Grannies wondering what Johnnie is doing on his Dad's PC while parents are at work! hee! :o)
  • Sassie - I use t-online provider here in Germany but also am on AOL, agree it's reliable and fast but one problem with the email, the junk mail filter doesn't work very well and we get an awful lot of unwanted stuff coming in, ads, porno sites and the like which we have to delete.
    T-online shows me the email titles that are out on the server so I can delete them before ever they get delivered to my site.
  • Iain - That can't be right. I think it's £27 for surfing 24/7 but any standard phone calls you make are billed by BT (or whoever) as normal.
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