tokyo 1991

I know it was eleven years ago but im going to ask anyway... ive never seen the 10,000m from the world championships in 1991 and was wondering if i can buy it anywhere or if anylovely person would be able to give me a copy.Thanks


  • sorry should have said the womens 10,000m
  • Have you thought about contacting the BBC? I'm sure they'll have some archive film.
    BTW,is the reason you haven't seen it because (gulp) you won it?
  • ah ill try that thanks.ehm as much as i would like to say yes to that it would be a lie.I was just to young!
  • I remember watching this race - well before Paula Radcliffe had burst on the scene, Liz McColgan won it by a street, in the sort of style we associate with Paula nowadays.
    In many ways it surpasses anything Paula has yet managed, as it was a track World Championship event, run in high temperatures (~30C) with humidity to match - conditions made for the Africans. Despite this, McColgan stuck by her front running game plan and broke the entire field. Derartu Tulu was a distant 2nd and Brendan Foster pronounced it the greatest piece of British track running he'd ever seen. Undeservedly forgotten in the decade since.
  • Well ive heard it was a great run and am really wanting to see it- i remember watching barcelona after hering about tokyo , but unfortunately Liz McColgan wasnt well
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