Heart rate monitor.....


Can someone can help me.
I recently purchased a heart rate monitor and want to know if I wear when racing.

If a stupid question.... Sorry.

Thanks :-)


  • I wear mine.
  • The UKA rules state that you can wear one for races OVER 10km. I wear mine for 10 milers up wards.
  • Ive used my HRM when racing but found my max hr went over the estimated max for my age, with the display showing 109% ok this was for the last 500 yards sprint finish with everybody shouting encurigment after 5 miles, (I could not speek when I finished so had been pushing to the limit) but it made me think they may not be as good as we think.
  • I always wear mine. It is so easy to get carried away when running in a large group. There's nothing like a reality check by looking at your HRM to make sure that you're not running too fast and ensures that you complete the event.

    Good luck.
  • Is there really a rule preventing them being worn at shorter distance????
  • yes there are rules and I guess if you are in line for prizes (and young dangly is from time to time - see other threads) you need to eatch out. for the rest of us I don't think there's too much to worry about.

    I wear mine always and for a variety of reasons.

    Dave Swift - there's nothing wrong with your HRM if you have seen 109% of the max you calculated from some formula. your max is what you have measured. the formula is just a best fit simple correlation to "estimate" the value - by definition it's a distribution and it'll be wrong for more people than its rigt for. use your observed value for setting your training. sorry mate it just got a whole lot tougher!

  • No no danger of me winning any prizes and my hrm is like a coach, totally agree about bollocks of formulas.
  • I never knew there were rules about wearing them in races! Learn something every day on here.

    I suppose Bidders, it depends what you want to use it for. If you've just got it, you'll probably find it useful for data collection purposes if nothing else; over time this may help balance out the fact that lots of people find their race equivalent HR for a given pace to be higher than during training.
    Dave, shf legs is right. Once you know what your true max is, you can manipulate the % in your HRM by entering a fictitious birth date. (I haven't bothered, just use the absolute numbers during the run, afterwards I can work out the % on a spreadsheet.)

  • Oh my god you work it out on a spreadsheet?
  • A short note...PLEEASE turn the bleeper thingy off that counts your heartbeat! It is really irritating and then when you can't hear it, you think that they've either buzzed off or dropped dead!
  • I only have the bleeping bleeper set to bleep when i go too fast or too slow (unlikely in a race!). I switch it on about 1/2 mile into the race as the first few yards it goes through the clouds!!. I switch it back off for the last mile when i do my finish 'sprint'.
  • I never wear HRM for racing because I was always under the impression that the proximity of other runners affects the readings. Am I wrong?
  • It depends.

    When your HRM is coded, you are only getting your heartbeat.

    If not, and other people wearing HRMs, than you get the sum? product? average?
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