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I was one of the motion analysts on the Nike stand at the marathon expo and am interested in finding out what visitors thought of the stand and the facilities that were available?Any comments either positive or negative greatly appreciated....


  • If you were the person who spent over half an hour with my g/f (sorting out her running !) brilliant. Who ever looked at her gait, made all the comments about do you suffer with knee, hip pain with your current shoes all from just watching her run. The answer was of course yes !
    So she was so impressed she even had a short run on Saturday night just to try out the shoes she bought. Think she is unimpressed with me not wanting to go for a run tonight !! Well I did a bit of a run yesterday
  • Glad to hear she was pleased with the analysis.Can't say for certain if it was me as there were six of us on the different treadmills,all dishing out advice!!
  • Very useful and interesting to be able to see the videos of me running with the different types of shoes.

    Quite encouraging to be told the shoes I was currently wearing were the right ones for me as well :)
  • P.S. Helpful and friendly staff as well, although the free socks they gave me were too small for me !
  • think the other thing that impressed her, was the lack of pressure to buy any there and then. She was concerned that after all the time & trouble they had taken, there would be a "hard sell", but there wasn't !
    As shes a girl, she bought them anyway, there was a good discount so worked well alround
  • I agree I thought it was really good, and felt under no pressure to buy anything.

    I spoke with a lad from the north east and a lady physio,quite small with short hair...i think she may have been scottish. Same experience as Dave above, she spent time explaining to my g/f why she runs like she does and experiences the types of niggling injuries she gets.

    Also let me try some shoes that I wouldn't have normally tried....all in all well worth a visit.
  • Didn't go at the expo - but I did the motion analysis at the NikeTown marathon training morning back in mid February and found the video footage (sorry about the pun) most interesting. It really made me think about how I was striking the ground and taking off again. Thanks!
  • it was great, i now know i need a bit of motion control, so i got some Perseus. There was no pressure and, all in all, really useful. Why didn't the £55 I paid for 1/2 hour with a podiatrist tel me that much?!!?
  • s - didn't get to try it (I was there on the Saturday when things were very busy) but did enjoy the Q&A sessions that Paul Dickinson did, and of course the beautiful Paula - she signed my number so I can say I ran the marathon with Paula Radcliffe :)

    As I don't need any shoes at the moment I must admit I didn't try any of the shoe stands. I find them a bit overwhelming and would assume that I'd get pressured into buying something so steer clear (I hasten to add that's a general statement about exhibitions NOT a comment on the Nike stand but hope it's helpful none the less)
  • video analysis very useful and also frightening (!)
  • I liked the split times on the wrist band. Good idea, and it came in useful on the day.
  • Split times only downside. Recommended a 5min 15second 3rd mile to break the 3 hour mark. May be not!

    But the rest was great - good advice, no pressure on time or to sell.
  • As usual I managed to confuse the expert with my gait - the more motion control features you put into a shoe the more I pronate - get me into Mayflys and although my feet slap down a bit they don't go past the vertical.

    I was seen by David W, who seemed to know his stuff, and then Chris Hogg came over for a chat.

    Good stand though, much better than the one with the bodyfat machine who told me I'm 16.5% bodyfat.
  • So you were the one we were all told about!!Threw the whole running shoe theory out of kilter
    Congrats for the time by the way....
  • did not visit
    had spent too much dosh!
  • I visited several gait analysis stands, in order to make sure that the advice was consistent. It was. (phew) But my gait was appalling. My previous gait analysis only considered 2 strides and assumed that they were representative. Because I wander about like a wobbly bike, my previous analysis was erroneous.
    Thanks for the advice, and I hope I wasn't too boring in the video interview! (I think the interviewer had run out of questions, but still had some tape left to fill)

  • Very useful, bought another pair of pegs and told them what I thought of them, including a few tips. Got given an extra pair of socks in addition to the free pair for my trouble.

    Mrs A bought some nikes with which she seems happy after I forced her on to a treadmill. Previously she only ever wore asics

    Fancied waiting about for Paula R. but Mrs A would not have it !!
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