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I saw the support points and heard the roaring much more clearly this year fo some reason.Anyway just a quick thank you to everyone who ran, and everyone who supported us,and thanks to other macmillan runners for encouragement.i saw one chap (also an alex) getting some treatment on the embankment so i hope you are ok...
in the immortal words..
the cheque is in the post


  • I'll second all of that. The cheering points were great, partcicularly at 23 miles when it was all starting to get a bit much.
    The recovery centre was marvellous. Thanks to all for the food, drink, massage and even for checking whether the toilet queue had gone for me to save me walking down the corridor!
    I don't know how we could cheer the security men up who wanted everyone out for 5.30. Those turning up later really needed it!

    You made a tough day easier!

  • I've posted on one of the other threads , but the tortoise is spot on , the roar at 23 miles was such a boost it felt like the family were all there ! I already had a place and phoned Macmillan at 2 weeks notice to say I was running without sponsorship . Tipped up at the excel and they gave me a vest as Id lost the other one , loads of encouragement and big smiles . The money is coming in , and the next runs for them as well - Brilliant !!
  • As a late finisher (5.58) I would also like to say a massive thank you to the macmillan team for cheering me on just before mile 26 even though it was absolutely pouring with rain they kept me going and kept my focus throughout the whole marathon x
  • They were all fantastic, not just on the race route, but also the expo, the pasta party & especially the recovery centre. They have to put a tremendous amount of work in to help make our experience that much better & make you feel extra special.
  • I would like to add my thanks to all you guys too. Had I worn a green vest it might have been better, but my firm wanted me to wear their logo (on white), and they were going to pay white it was.

    Anyway, it looks like I am now on target for £4000 including Gift Aid.

    (Had I beat my 3:15 target, I would have raised another fiver. At 26.1 miles I realised that the clock was going to win, and I physically collapsed against the barrier at the last corner. Mind you, it was the thought of the sponsorship that got my to pick up my collapsed legs and run the final 600m and finish in 3:16:35)
  • It was an honour to cheer you all at mile 23! Macmillans did the same for me in NYC last year and it meant so much to me then it was the least I could do.

    Amusingly I was hoarse for a week so you got good value out of me...and if you wondered why we were out in the rain instead of under the NICE DRY BRIDGE 50m down the road it was because Jodie wanted us very visible so you could easily see us!


  • I'd also like to add my thanks to all the supporters. Plus the encouragement of the other Macmillan runners when I started to tire was fantastic.

    I can't forget the after race massage, cuppa and sarnie. The organization was spot on. Once again thanks..
  • The crowd support on the day was fantastic but no-one cheered louder than the Macmillan supporters at The Old Rose pub. Thanks for giving me such a lift! The iron-on name letters were also a great idea - it felt like everyone in the crowd actually knew me. In fact, at one point a runner next to me turned and said "Who the hell is this guy Paul they're all cheering for?"

    Thanks Macmillan for giving me such great support in running my first Marathon. I think your team did a great job all round. The information pack and newsletters before the race were very helpful. During the race, the cheering points helped to give the runners a big lift. Finally, after the race, I could not have received a warmer welcome at the Recovery Centre. The money is now rapidly coming in and I look forward to sending it to you as soon as possible.
  • Paul, I guess you know this thread relates to FLM 2004 ?.... :o)
  • Hear hear, Paul.

    (I thought this whole thread was from this year until I read the bit about it raining!)

    The support from Macmillan all the way round was wonderful, but those in the last few miles really made the day. You were so loud and enthusiastic, it made me feel really special, rather than bedraggled, exhausted, aching and desperate to get to the end RIGHT NOW, rather than in 3 miles time.
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