Did anyone else see Sally Gunnell at mile 17?

what a sour face she had on...

clearly wanted to be anywhere but there.

can just imagine her thoughts:-

"pah, here I am having to talk to all these amateur runners, when I could have been in the pub with Michael Johnson"


  • Snoop, my missus was watching the race on telly, and said Gunnell's pieces to camera were 'painful and embarrasing'!!
  • She's infamous for this.

    She's a right moody cow apparently. She used to do vox pop at Canary Wharf, and in-between being on camera, would get mightily booed by the crowd, presumably because she was such a spoilsport (either that or they were Man Citeh fans thinking it was Forlan).

    Maybe this is why they moved her to Tower Bridge.

    You could see her perma-grin about to fade at the end of some interviews.

    BBC picks another dolloper for its sports coverage, to go alongside Garth Crooks and co.
  • They shood get propa jernalists on the telli!
  • you angling for her job then?

    wot, and miss out on all those freebie trainers?
  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭
    Too right Rob - just because these people could run, play footy or whatever doesn't make them good journalists.

    Funnily enough Garth Crooks has improved - I mean it's taken him 10 years of trying but he is finally beginning to relax and he's been pretty good on the African nations stuff in the past (can't remember if it was this year or last year or both he did). John Barnes though - surely he only got a job on TV so we can laugh at his suits.
  • she's a lot taller than i thought she was. I always thought she was small petite..... wrong!
  • she completely blanked me when i said hello while passing her on the cobbles.
    doesn't she know who i am ??????
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