The Fat Club

Hi all you overweight forumites (and I include myself in that!),

The Lamb and I have been talking about starting a slimming club forum for those of us who are not quite as slim as we would like to be.

We need to decide how we report our weekly losses :-) gains :-( or no changes :-O so any suggestions welcome.

i) Should we give our start weight and then weight each week together with how many more pounds we need to lose?
ii) Should we just state the number of pounds lost/gained/otherwise each week together with how many pounds are left to lose?

iii) Which day is best to report (maybe Monday to start the week well)? Should we all report on the same day?

iv) What should we call our club? My own suggestions are as follows:

The Fat Club
Bloaters 'r' Us
Fat Chance
The Fat Forum

All suggestions welcome.

Let me know what you all think,




  • Hi guys! I'll just kick off by saying my first goals are:

    1)lose a stone by end October
    2)break my 10M and half-mara PBs!

    I have been dieting and training for the past 2 weeks following my return from holiday and am pleased to report I have lost 0.9kg (just under 2lbs) in the last week and have been running comfortably at my race pace of 9min/mile in hilly Yorkshire.

    Feeling quite motivated at the moment, thanks in part to my running and diet buddy DW, will keep you all informaed of progress towards my goals. I'm eventually aiming to lose 1 1/2 stone...
  • Hi! Slimming Club sounds like a great idea. I'd like to lose 7lb (have lost 3lb in the last 3 weeks - very slow progress!) by the end of September.

    I am aiming a time of 1.5hrs for my first 10 mile run on Sunday, hoping to keep a steady 9min/mile. I am hoping by making this public I'll be more likely to succeed in both weightloss and running time! I'll let you know how I go on Monday.


    PS I quite like bloaters'r'us!
  • Hi redhead and lamb,
    I will join ur Club. I have started running again to lose weight. I am 6'4 and 19'10. Sounds alot doesnt it... But i actually carry it well as i am a big build. but i think i need to lose about 2 - 3 stone. I think we should do a weekly report on mondays. and have a starting wait, a desired weight, maybve if we post our daily food diary, it will motivate us to not eat the marathon or mars bars.... maybe..

    my goal is to run a 10k and have a body like the bloke on front of the latest issue of RW... Maybe someday...
  • PS.
    not ignoring u Suz. your post wasnt there when i wrote my first post.
  • That's okay Nic! Good Luck - hope we can all inspire each other.
  • I hope so suz, wish i only had 7lb's to lose. But i am hoping that the excess lager will come off very quick. but i am not holding my breath.
  • Suz - what race are you doing? I'm doing a 10M on Sunday too and hoping for 1.5 hrs!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hey everyone,

    Great to have you on board. I forgot to state my fat credentials - I have lost 3 stones over the last 12 months but have reached a plateau and need some serious motivation to get the weight moving again, hence the club. I still need to lose a stone and would like to have lost it by the end of October so I can look slim and gorgeous for the Christmas season.

    I've lost my weight with a combination of sensible eating and exercise and feel really healty as a result. I've always allowed myself treats each week so I've never felt cheated of certain foods (namely curries!).

    Having thought a bit more, maybe each person will want to write different things because we all have slightly different goals. I think Suz is right in that writing down our achievements/lapses will help us all focus.

    Happy and healthy weigh loss to you all.

  • Redhead, that's am amazing record, good on yer girl! It's heartening to know you can shift serious poundage and keep it off...

    Be good to share tips and stories so tell us a bit more about your plan, how have you incorporated treats? what do you allow yourself? what kind of training do you do?
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm 6ft tall and 15st 3lb at 8am this morning (that's after I've been to the bathroom but before I've had my breakfast; is this too much detail?). I have lost 7lb in the last 3 months but it has been a harder battle than in the past. Like Nic I think I carry it well but maybe I'm fooling myself. My goal was to get down to 14st 10lb (i.e. to lose a stone from my original weight) but having found out that Chris Rawlinson has lost 13lb since last year maybe I should be aiming for a lower goal weight (is 13st too low?).

    As for the name, anything other than "bums n tums" is fine by me, bloaters r us is good (perhaps we should have our own vests).

    A regular posting day would be good plus any strategies for weight loss as it's all a mistery to me, now where did I put those donuts....
  • Hi David,
    Maybe i am kidding myself. Like you i Like Bloaters R us. And i am going to post my daily running and food diary, If no one minds that is.
    Ps. Maybe a little to much

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I was 9st8lb stone in January 2000. I'm now 11st, although I have lost 7lb since coming back from holiday 6 weeks ago. My eventual aim is to get back to 9st8, although in the meantime, I aim to be as near to 10st by the Loch Ness Marathon on 29th September, which is 7 weeks away.

    Changing jobs has helped, as there is no longer a baker's van selling tasty pies and cakes appearing at the door at 10am, and as I now don't have a 30 mile trip to work, I have started eating breakfast.

    So - 2lb per week target for me.

    See you all Monday!
  • Hi - can I join 2 please.

    I am 5ft 3 and 10.13 - would like to be 9.2

    I started running 3 years ago by training for Basingstoke Race for Life in a bid to lose weight and raise money for such a good cause.

    Unfortunately in the last 6 months I have put on a stone but that didn't stop me getting a pb in the Southampton Race for Life of 29.03 - very pleased with that.

    I have now lost 5lbs in the last 2 weeks (so I started off at 11.4) and would like to lose at least a stone by the time I go on holiday in 8 weeks time.

    My running goal is to attempt a 10k and get round but it seems as though they are all concentrated in Sept/Oct which is when my hols are so not enough time to train before and then holiday will interrupt training.

    I run twice a week at the moment with a club and think I need to do more but my legs don't seem to like it.

    I think it is a good idea for everyone to come here on Mondays to say what they have done.

    Good luck everyone with your goals

  • Well done Nadine,
    5ibs in 2 weeks is a good record, 2 -3 lbs would be my target.

    Redhead, So what do you rekon on monday weigh ins??
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    PS - Bloaters-r-us does it for me too.

    Tip for a nice snack to take your mind off the choccie bikkies - small tin of pineapple chunks mixed with a large handful of frozen rasps and a couple of dozen halved grapes. Leave until rasps melt, then decant into a tub with a screw lid so you can take it to work with a plastic spoon to snack on. Yum, and 2 of your fruit & veg portions for the day.
  • I can't do Mondays as that's my rest day and the scales are in the gym... I think a Monday report on how the weekend went training/eating-wise but then everyone just reports their weight once a week on a day of their choice, that'll spread out the good news over the week and keep us all motivated!
  • Hi Lamb. I'm running at Harlow on Sunday - what about you? I like the idea of a Monday report as I weigh myself on Thursdays. That gives me time to redeem myself after the weekend!

  • Hi Suz - I'm doing the Askern 10, but am moving back to Essex next month so maybe I'll see you at a race sometime (looking slim and gorgeous of course!!)
    I do Thursdays too, so will report weight Friday the work like hell over the w/e for a good report Monday!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hey Lamb,

    Thanks, it's been a long slog!

    I was stunned into action when a photograph of me was used for the 'Crawley in Bloom' event which I helped to judge. This awful photo of me holding a hanging basket full of flowers, was printed inside the promotional leaflet and distributed throughout the area. I saw this huge fat and old looking woman and I didn't recognize myself. Something had to be done!

    Before my weight gain, which had happened over a number of years, I'd been a slim size 10 but I had grown to a fat size 16. I've always been quite active as I am a keen gardener which is quite physical.

    Anyway, I joined my local gym and started to go 3 times a week. First of all I did about 30 minutes aerobic activity (rower, cross-trainer, bike or walking on a treadmill) combined with a few of the weight machines. Over the months I gradually built this up to 60 minutes aerobic stuff and I changed the way I used the treadmill by using inclines and some of the cardio progs. Gradually the weight started to fall off and I felt so much better. Earlier this year I started running, inspired by the Race for Life, and here I am heading towards my first half marathon in September!

    In my diet, I tried to cut down on dairy products - I'm vegetarian and I always used to eat a lot of cheese. I cut out milk in coffee (which I used to drink by the gallon) and started to drink green and chamomile teas (which I hated at first!) and I reserved butter for special occasions. My treats could be anything I really crave - at first it would be a chocolate bar but now I find I crave a plain biscuit instead. Also, my husband and I always go for a curry once a week. This is a ritual we developed when we both had busy careers and it meant we had special time together (so there was no way I'd give that up!). I just changed the things I chose eg instead of peshwari naan, I'd have plain rice. The best thing I learnt is not to beat myself up for having a treat, I'd just adjust the rest of my eating for the next day accordingly - ie the pleasure/pain thing.

    I could bore you all day with my dieting /exercise successes and failures so I'll stop there for now.

    Good luck to all,


  • Running is definately good for the waistline! I was 12.5 stone when I went college, 15.5 stone (ish I avoided the scales so as not to scare myself!) when I came out. I'm 6 foot 2 and a bit and I ran before I went to college.

    Started running again last march ('01) and I'm now 12.5 stone again! So Redhead... Aim high (low?!) because if you stick to it, it'll all fly off!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hey Jon, I wish running wouldn't make my stomach wobble quite so much!
  • This looks like my sort of thread.

    Two years ago I was 16st+. I now weigh 11.12 and am trying to lose another 2st. I took up running 5 months ago, my first 10k is in September. I hit a plateau in April and decided to start exercising in order to give the weightloss a kick. Since then I've lost 15lbs.

    I firmly believe that I'll reach my goal but get so frustrated sometimes.

    As for names I like:
    The ...
    Tubby Trotters
    Dumpy Dashers
    Lardy Lollopers

    As for weigh days, any will do for me. I'm losing off my own back but need the added support of a group.


    Laura xx
  • Hi Susie

    That's a great story, you seem to have a really balanced, intelligent approach to weightloss, I'm dead impressed!

    I've been really sporty and not too unfit since senior school though you would never have guessed so from my size, I was always the chubby one in the team despite playing hockey, netball, football, basically anything that was going, all the time!

    I'm quite tall (5'9") but height can't hide it all, I know I need to lose a good stone to be comfortable with my body, the loss would also help with my sports...

    I've never been able to lose weight and keep it off, mainly because I've always had a massive appetite (I'm a big cheese fan too, that's been my downfall!!) and am always hungry! Am battling with that now, trying to separate real hunger from boredom, feeling down, or just loving what I'm eating! I never lost any weight training for London, I reckon because I was using the training as an excuse for massive pasta consumption!!!

    Anyway, this time is different! Am feeling really motivated and determined so watch this space!
  • Lardy Lollopers! Love it!
  • Well done, Susie and Lamb - not only on your weight loss, but also on dreaming up this thread. It really looks like a goer!

    Can I join for a bit please? I'm not technically overweight at all (5'1", 8st 4lb, BMI about 21.5), but according to an article in Peak Performance the ideal running weight for someone of my height is something really silly like 6st 5lb. I don't plan to go there - haven't been that weight since I started senior school. Before getting injured last year, I was about 7st 7lb, at which weight I felt and looked a touch scrawny but ran a lot better than I do at my "normal" weight.

    I put on over a stone while recovering from injury after the London Marathon, and in the past 6 weeks I have shed 4-5lb, with which I am very happy.

    My tip? Frozen Muller Light instead of ice cream. Works particularly well with the vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry flavours. It's not the same, but it's passable if you don't mind ice crystals.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Strange! a BMI of 21 is fine! There will be nothing of you if you lose any more!

    My Mum has a BMI of 18... Nutter!
  • Lardy Lollopers sneaks ahead
  • Redhead,

    The secret is (and don't tell anyone) to wear lycra shorts and pull them up over your tummy! Sounds silly, but when I had a belly, it stopped it from wiggling! I don't mean cover it all, just up to your belly button!
  • Hi V-rap! Great to have the voice of authority on board! Frozen Muller Light sounds like a good plan, will definitely try that out!
    Have always been confused by those charts of ideal weight, wich give anything from 9-11 stone for my height. I just can't imagine I'd be healthy at anything less than 11 stone, I'm aiming for 11 1/2, I'm big built with quite muscly legs! Just not built like some girls the same height as me!! What's your take on all this?
  • I always thought it wasn't healthy for women to have a BMI below 20 asvery low BF% can contribute to bone density/hormonal problems????
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