Fourth time out...and counting!

Hi All - You Fit People

My Fourth sojourn into the unknown was today! Yippee! I managed to do it early afternoon on a Saturday when I should've been down town browsing...(you know what I mean ladies)and it was so weird!

It's my fourth beginner's 'run' and the best yet. Instead of the run/walk 1min each X 8; I kept going 'til I lost count!! Don't get too excited - can't have been more than 12!

But oddly it was hardest at the beginning and by about number 8/9 rep, my breathing pattern had changed and I wasn't trying to 'cheat' the running bit into less than a minute. I was 'relaxing' into it. Don't let me kid you - it was still really hard work, but I had this terrific feeling of achievement...Yes! I'm a saint! Today, round the block. Next month? Who knows!

And truly I felt so much better in the afternoon - slogging my guts out in the garden, but with the biggest halo...!

And do you know what kept me going? The thought of coming on here and telling you all! Even though I'm supping wine as I type - cos last night I supped a low alcohol wine (eeeeeeeeuuurrrrrgh)I feel so virtuous!

Long may it last!

Not as good as sex but it could be a contender.......

jay ;-)


  • Hi Jay! Well done. It really is a question of just persevering until everything starts to fall into place, although it's also necessary to allow for ups and downs, so's you don't get too despondent. To keep you going........ 4 months ago I couldn't run across the road. Now I can run almost 10K. Keep going!
  • And you can run when YOU want to!!!
    You're doing great. Well done for keeping going.
    You'll soon find that you can relax into the running more quickly after setting out. That's what the warm up is for.
    Keep on running!!
  • Sassie and Dangly -

    Thank you sooo much - I feel really motivated now. Tomorrow I will have that rest - but I'll use the weights I got from Argos last Christmas!! (Bit of cross-training creeping in there - practising the lingo!)

    So when I've finally rid the front garden of 10 year old plants and the attendant weeds - I'm off for a bit of iron pumping!! Woohoo!

    (And no alcohol tomorrow night - this is a new thing for me....believe me!!)

    Thanks for the encouragement - especially on a Saturday night!

    Speak again soon

  • Jay you're doing great and I really admire your enthusiasm, it's infectious! When I started I don't think it went quite as well!! You don't have to become teetotal BTW - now that is taking things a bit too far!!

  • You are doing really well, especially so early in your training. And bearing in mind the weather conditions at the minute, it is even more of a brilliant effort.
  • Well done to you Jaybird, keep it up!

    See you on the roads.
  • Hi All

    Thanks so much for the encouragement - I WILL run tomorrow after work even tho it'll be dark now, won't it? On that note does anyone have any tips about suitable clothing and/or safety issues? I'm not a nervy kind of person, just aware and not that fast yet!

  • Jay.

    The only thing I would advise is make sure you have a good pair of running shoes, this is probably the most important part of the running gear you need.

    But saying that, with the weather we get here in the UK at this time of year I would also suggest some good clothing,water and windproof if possible.

    You said earlier in a reply you feel really motivated now, well I wont be the only one to say this, but also new gear/clothing also makes a big change and can make you feel good about yourself and can give you an even bigger motivation boost.

    Would you say so fellow runners.
  • Speedie, do you work for gear manufacturers or something?! ;)

    Personally the biggest motivation I have is the love of just running through those city streets.
  • Go girl, i have been running 2 weeks and yesterday i managed 4 miles (only walked twice). I still hurt today but not as much, this time next year we could both be chasing olympic gold
  • Martin

    Hell Fires! You must be young, fit, dedicated, t total, and a masochist??

    I won't be aiming for that yet - I know my limitations and I'll go slowly but surely! But yes - I'd like to chase a medal next year - the GNR one will do again - but I'd like to beat the sweep vehicle by a good bit this time!!

    Thanx for the encouragement.

    Jog on!
  • Good for you, Jaybird! And sounds like you're really enjoying it! I've been running for about three months now, and I always find that the first five minutes is the hardgest...I guess it's just my old legs getting warmed up. It may be that that's what's happening to you - as the blood starts to zip round your muscles, the running gets easier.
  • Hi meerkat

    Yup! Could be right! I managed to make the effort and get out for another jaunt this evening - finish work at 3; collect youngest from school; go to Tesco's; come home and make kid's and hubby's tea; save mine 'til later; changed, out and did the minimum 8xrun walk reps! All before 5.30!! And it wasn't as hard as the first run I did - and boy do I feel saintly - even off the wine tonight!! WooHoo!!

    MUST try and keep it up...thanx all for encouraging me.

    Keep on movin'
    Jay ;0)

  • Jay

    Remember, wine has a highly beneficial cardio-protective effect when taken in moderation (1-2 glasses per night). You wouldn't want to risk your heart now, would you? ;-)

  • SP

    How very true! I'll have double the amount tomorrow then to make up for it - and if I have four glasses it'll be twice as good for me. And I'll have one for you.

    I feel better already :oD

  • Hi Jb

    just want to add to the congrats and encoragement - your enthusiasm is really infectious!

    I'm just beginning to run again after a long long time unfit and the first runs are hardwork and a long way off the feelgood factor.

    i can vaguely remember reading somewhere a long while ago that it can take anything up to 20 mins for the body to get into aerobic mode and that certainly was true for me - uncomfortable then after about 20 mins breathing would be easier,dont know how scientifically accurate this is but it helps to know it when its hard work getting started!

    Good luck with your running
  • Hello Jay,

    Just wanted to add my encouragement too!

    You#re doing really well and keeping motivated is the secret. Sensible not to try too much too soon.

    If you're running in the dark, try to stay on pathways and in lit streets/roads. Not so easy where i live.

    Best advice you have had is about the shoes BTW. Make sure you've got good ones and that they are right for you. You need to get them from a proper running shop as they can advise you regarding what to get.

    Keep it up,

    All the best,

  • Hi JB

    You go girl.

    I know what you mean about the running rush.

    Keep it up :-)

  • Jay - echoing Ratbag, don't build up too fast or you'll pick up an injury. The thing that's often quoted is that you shouldn't add more than 10% mileage per week. Hard to resist, I know, but trust me!
  • Hi all you runners

    It's my night off and I'm on here to check the forum and I've loadsa encouragement! I find it hard to say how much that means to me - especially as I'm starting from scratch, running on my own and have the family/hubby to consider. Thanx again - it means everything to me.

    I am enjoying a bottle of red as I type - it tastes better for a night off last night!?

    I noticed today that it was easier to get in and out of my little car - a Clio - but being a tad ( ?????) overweight, it's not always easy! But today it felt different.

    The other strange but true side effect is that I feel stronger mentally (and physically) when faced with situations that are not easy to deal with. I have this strange imagining that if I manage to be strong physically - I can be strong psychologically.....does that make sense to anyone - or have I lost it completely??!! Blame the red !!!

    Thanx again to all who have added their thoughts to this thread - as a newcomer I will continue to 'log on' and have my efforts praised!! You can't beat it for motivation!

    Easy runs to you all

    Jay :oD
  • Jay, I think the mental strength bit (which I agree with totally) has something to do with feeling good about your body. Running makes us aware of exactly what our bodies can do. It also reminds us that those of us who run (however feebly!) are inevitably much fitter than those who don't. Therefore, being mouthed off by a group of yobs, or grabbed by an attacker, is less of a threat, because we can just sail away (well, that's how it feels, anyway!).
  • Sass, And, JJ, RB,Bu and anyone I've missed since last time!!

    Bless you!

    It's like having a virtual reality running club by my side - or on my shoulder, whispering in my lughole!!

    This really is the best 'Go For It' I could imagine! I am thoroughly enjoying my 'night off' and my red!

    Tomorrow I will get out there and go for the next bit of 'beginners schedule'and see how I perform. (Probably not the best cos I'm suppin the red - but I'll try)

    Soon I'll try and get a 'running partner' who's local. I have a couple of contacts for running clubs within 15 miles of me, so who knows?

    The meagre glory I experience is due to you all!

    I'll definitely kep in touch!

    Kisses (well good wishes anyway!)

    Jay :oD
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