Slightly stiff calf

On recent runs, I've noticed a kind of stiffness in my right calf muscle (not left). It doesn't feel particularly agonising or anything like that; in fact it feels almost exactly like when I've run further and my muscle is full of lactate. This creates a slightly odd feeling where my right calf feels a bit knackered but my left one is fine.

Any ideas?


  • are your shoes damaged?

    have you done something too it when not running? or just turned an ankle or hit in someway - I get painful knocks playing hockey and dont notice them until awhile later then wonder what did it!
  • hello psi! think you've gone to bed now,
    I get this some times, put it down to being right handed and that my right leg works harder, what do you think?

    I also have problems in the winter sometimes from (i think) running on sloping pavements, but that's more in the sides of my legs,

    There is a theory that it's minute tears that are stiffness, not lactate, I'm not qualified to comment, but this would fit with one-sided thingy, sure you'll get more informed advice tomorrow.
  • bump! so that daytime people might see it and have an idea?

    (think it's likely to be small muscle tears of the post-marathon / half marathon type, caused by going too fast on my long runs)
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