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Ive been trying to get fit over the last twelve months but have always found it difficult to get started running. Anyway after a lot of effort Im up to about 20 minutes comfortably on the treadmill and can manage about 2 miles on the road. I only go out on the road about once or twice a month but have decided to get out running more and would like to find a running partner of a similar level.

Is there anybody out there that would like to join me?
I think having someone to run with will help keep me motivated.


  • Hi Richard
    I live in Great Sutton.
    I've been running since July and have done 3 10K races......very slowly, so I can run for an hour now but not easily or comfortably! I run outside on a Monday with a running club but their normal pace is really too fast for me, although the leader slows down now to help me keep up!
  • I am, at the momemt a 12-minute miler but dearly want to get faster - my running club partners are too fast for me at the moment so I find myself making excuses not to go as I find it very stressful always being "group donkey". I don't think its safe on dark nights to be out on my own - I live in the Bolton area and would love to find a training partner of similar ability who also wants to get quicker.
  • Carmel/Marjorie
    Thanks for the mesages. I think you both live too far away from me for us to become running partners. However it would be good to keep in touch to see how your doing.
    I think it would be good if this site could arrange for a specific forum for people like us who are trying to find running partners with similar abilities.
    Also it would be useful to find a list of running clubs with sections for beginers.
    Anybody know of any??

  • Richard
    I definately think its a great idea to keep in touch - what a pity we are too far away - are there no new or slow runners in my area - Bolton, Lancashire?
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