New Trainers needed for 200lb person

I am currently in the market for new shoes. Before I buy I usually research each shoe that strikes my interest. The GTS 4 struck my interest, but when I was reading about the Glycerin I noticed that it has the same features in them as the GTS 4. I currently run in ASICS 2060 and Nike Air Max Moto and use ASICS DS Trainers for racing. I try to stick with shoes that have a dual density midsole because of my weight. I have been considering the following shoes. Saucony Grid Omni 3, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 4, Saucony Grid Hurricane, ASICS Gel Creed and now maybe the Brooks Glycerin. The 2060 have been the best shoe I have ever ran in, but would like a shoe to last longer then 350 miles. My Nike's I have 200 miles on but the tread has worn out, my 2060's I have 250 miles on and will need to replace them soon from past experience with them. Has any heavy guys like me ran in any of those shoes.

My runnining profile.
Weight: 200lb
ASICS shoe size: 10.5 (U.S)
Nike shoe size: 10.5 (U.S.)
Arch: Normal
Foot Strike: Mid foot
Weekly mileage: 35-50 (depends on work schedule)
Tread were on old shoes wears fastest in center of forfoot area. appears to be in straight line with heel. Little or no wear seems to appear in heel area.


  • Fellow 200lb runner. I have just invested in the Omni 3 having also run on its 2 predecessors. I'm a big fan of this shoe and they've beefed up the cushioning this time around which is even better! The tread has always been durable, in fact the on my last pair the sole went before the tread did (after in excess of 500 miles). The best things for me about the shoe is the fit (I really feel the shoe is moulded to my foot) and the cushioning. However, there are differences in our mechanics - I'm a fairly neutral heel striker. Hope this helps!
  • Jon,
    Did you get the Ultimate or the Moderate version of the Omni3? Another question, I have read that the Saucony brand runs wide in the forfoot, is this true. My feet are slightly narrow when compared to the average but not narrow enough to go to the next width down. This is one reason I have usually stuck with ASICS for running shoes, however I am getting tired of dropping 70 ever few months because the tread is either gone or the cushioning is gone.
  • I too am a big Saucony fan having run on Omnis (the last ones). Not sure how broad forfoot is but I'm not especially broad there. I got persuaded to buy Brooks Beasts the original "big guy" shoes but though they have bags of stability/cushioning etc, they are simply too heavy. I've got round this by wearing the Brooks for training and my old Sauconys for racing which worked for a while but I really felt the road through my Saucony's on the GNR. I wouldnt recommend the Brooks Beasts for anyone but the really heaviest runner (220 pounds plus)
  • Michael,
    I went for the moderate but from what I gather there's not much to choose between the two. As for the width, I've got quite stubby feet so this could well be true, but I'm not sure how significant the extra width would be. I ran in Nikes before and didn't notice a major difference. I know that my friendly local specialist shop will let you take them away and try them out on a treadmill before you commit yourself. Might be worth checking this option out!
  • The difference between the two versions of the Omni 3 is that the Ultimate has an extra (third) density in the midsole, making it more supportive. The cushioning and every other technical feature remains the same as the Moderate.

    Glad you like the shoes Jon!
  • Tried on the Omni 3. I felt the arch support on the outside of the mid foot. so I didn't by them. Otherwise the fit was great. I will probably get the GTS from Brooks this time around. They felt firm yet comfortable. Really reminded me of the 2060's. Thanks for all the info from you all.
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