Hangover Zone - Sunday 27th

think the cat has p**d in my mouth overnite.... feels like there might be a hairball in there somewhere too.
What I need is a 'heart-attack special' (bacon, eggs, fried bread, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc, etc) to get me in the mood for a bit of serious exercise later (lunchtime-ish).
Trouble with clocks going back is that you can see how grotty the day is before you crawl out of bed - doesn't make it any easier.
Off-licence doesn't open till 10 (b*gg*r)


  • RoboKidney - have a BIG cup of tea with lots of sugar and get outside and go for a walk. The wind will do the trick!
  • Have just polished off 'full english' -feel much better for it!
    just going for a walk actually - to fetch sunday papers... might not appreciate the wind - just over road are some portakabins belonging to contractors, and... a portaloo which has blown over in the night... the door is open and I have to walk past it. wonder how long I can hold my breath?
  • 259 emails, a record I think :-)

    I'm glad you had a good night. I haven't had time to go through all the thread.


    I'll take you up on the puppy visitation when she has settles down a bit. I'm not that far from you. Jumpets will want to come too tho.

    Well I'm sat here watching the tree outside my window bent over in a howling gale considering going to my 10k race in just over an hour. I ate loads of pasta so should really burn it off but I doulbt I'll achieve a PB :-)

    Any thought on running in gales?
  • just been out for a walk - it's difficult enough standing up let alone running! Was going out for 5k later, may be forced to do it on treadmill instead (for safety reasons) mind you, it's not cold this morning.
  • Josie, any size of Jumpets more than welcome. Go easy on yourself in your race. Went out to do my 5.4 miles and was running full against the wind for much of it. Very, very hard. Almost gave up running for ever (again!).
  • I hate running in a wind - can't get any rhythm going, particularly if it's gusty. I'm going to stick to the treadmill today. Just starting back after injury, so only going to go a few miles anyhow. Shame - I long for a nice 12-15 miler, but I'm not up to it at the mo'
  • sassie
    didn't anybody tell you that you were supposed to spend an extra hour in bed this morning?
    5.4 miles already - I'm seriously impressed, I'm still only thinking about it (and doing the Observer xword).
  • Well RK, I'm on a week's holiday, so nothing churchy, and I'm not even going to a service elsewhere today! But I couldn't stay in bed as new puppy was screaming the place down.
  • Didn't know you got holiday sassie :-)

    I am going to do race but am not going to knock my self out over the time.

    Woman against the elements

    Who knows, if everyone else chickens I might get a prize for turning up.
  • No body told the Jumpets the clocks went back either :-)
  • think I'll get out and do a bit of gardening before it starts to rain, might get me in mood for a run.
    see you later.
  • Gardening RK?! Tree clearing more like.
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