Am I in??

Has anyone had their place via ballot confirmed? Every morning for last few weeks I have dashed to the post looking for a 'congratulations--you're in' looking letter, but none ;(


  • Hi!

    Wouldn't expect it yet - it usually comes either in the last few days of November or the first few days of December.

    If you haven't bequeathed the money, then it's worth checking your bank account soon to see if the cheque has been cashed. Obviously if you bequeathed it then this won't tell you anything.

    Best of luck Peter!
  • I dread finding out. Even worse, I was daft enough to bequeath the fee, so I won't know for AGES. I think the cheque might have been cashed tho--bank account looking v unhealthy this morning (although usual weekend of self-indulgence probably contributed to that). Best of luck!
  • the ballot was held last week, but it may be a few days yet before cheques are cashed.
  • last week? i thought it was held in Nov?
  • Bank account about to look worse then. Hmmm...
  • Can anyone remind me how much the (affiliated) entry was? Then I can check my bank account.

  • Was checking my bank account last night when 'low and behold' I had a strange amount of £23 missing! On careful scrutinisation of my cheque book stubs discovered that it was definitely my entry fee for London! I know for a fact that this year I didn't bequeath my money so looks like I'm in!!! Must admit didn't hold out any hope of getting in!
  • Oooh B*gger - 23 quid's just disappeared from my bank account too!

    Looks like I'd better get some training in - did over 10 on Saturday for the first time in ages and it wasn't a comfortable experience
  • You'll be fine! It's amazing how 26 miles seems one helluva long way then with a few weeks of good training... it's still one helluva way!!! By the way if any of you out there are within a reasonable distance to Stevenage it's the Stevenage Half Marathon on Sunday 3rd Nov!!!
  • And my cheque has been cashed too - is it just that they cash our cheques and live in luxury off the interest and then refund the original amount when we don't get in, or have I really got myself a place?? Bit scared now!
  • Well Done to those of you who will be on that startline in April. See you there.
  • Mmmm, Picketty... If you know for certain that you haven't bequeathed your cheque then you're definitely in! Guess it's about time we all started pounding those streets again in earnest for next year!!! Good luck and I'll see you there (amongst 30,000 others)
  • I donated but my chq hasn't been cashed may be the Abbey is slow(I hope)

    Oh well I won an elephant to day so may be thats where my luck has gone
  • I donated too and no cheque cashed.
    Maybe it is something to do with surname, where you live, bank you use, colour of pen you used to fill in your form ...

    I'm not giving up hope quite yet. ;)

    Well done on winning an elephant Josie, I won a goldfish once :)
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