My toughest run ever

Hi All, well just finished a 5 mile cross country race (my first x-c race for 17 years), they had to change the course as if it had gone though the woods then flying branches would have been a problem.

The areas where we were running into the wind were so bad, I have never run in wind this strong before, and hope I dont have to again.

Even Brighton cant be this windy! (hoping)

Anyone else run/race today?



  • Wasn't racing, but did a 9.5 mile run. It was pretty hard work when I was running into the wind, almost stopped dead a couple of times. It did feel like a real achievement though.
  • I took one look at the weather and decided 12 K on the treadmill was the sensible thing to do...
  • Yes, NN went for little recovery run and ended up fartlekking, absolutely knackered.
  • PB at Stroud half!
    Wind was bad, NN, but was/am chuffed to bits.

    Certainly makes ya feel good to be alive, don't it!
  • Well done Bear on your PB! Natty - well done for actually racing.
  • Excellent result Bear, well done
  • Cheers guys.
    Have to confess to feeling a bit full of myself at the moment.

    Thanks again, and bravo to all who ventured out in this bloody awful weather.
  • And to you, oh great one!!!!!
  • Well done Bear!
  • Try cycling next time the weather's this bad - it's even worse!!

    Also running or walking in the Brecon Beacons can be "fun" with the wind :)

    Well done to all who raced today though - outstanding!
  • I did a 10k in Wimbledon and it was very windy. Past a couple of squashed cars an big branches.

    Going over the common was worse. the wind kept catching my shoes and nearly tripping me.

    PB tho so must be some thing to say for the weather

    Well done all brave souls and especially bear
  • All I can say is your all nuts... so keep up the good work!
  • yeah, i didnt mamage it
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