Heart Rate

Hi to all runners.

Ok I understand heart rates and training zones etc.....

But I would just like to know if any other 28 yr old male/females out there, what there heart rates are,
ie, resting, max, and one im interested in is heart rates at certain speeds on treadmills.

I have a resting of 39 bpm, with what I can work out a max of 195bpm.( have not gone beyond this yet, so me is guessing thats about as far as im going to get, but have tried )

When training on the treadmill at 0% incline at speed 12km im at about 130bpm.

When I up the speed say 15km im then reading about 150-155bpm.

Im just interested in other runners bpm,Im alway reading magazines and articals on runners who have done tests or vo2 max stress tests and then find out that they are pros or have been running for 20 yrs, and I would just like some feedback from normal everyday runners.

I myself do all my own training,do not run for a club, but just enjoy the sport.

Happy training.


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