First 2 miles with hills!

I am soooo chuffed - I've just done my first 2 mile run with hills in it! I only started running on 8th October so when I managed a flat 2 miler last weekend and lived to tell the tale I thought this week I'd go for it. I did sound like something out of Thomas the Tank Engine "You can do it - you can do it!" So satisfying, great sense of achievment, never ever thought I could run any distance.

A question for any ladies out there of the "Bigger boob build" have you found a really supportive bra? If so what is it? Thanks


  • Hilary

    Brilliant! I'm a complete novice - only four outings so far - you're doing great! Can't help you on the 'Boob Front' (oops) as it's the only bit of me that's athletically built!

    Keep going - maybe tie them in a knot?? (Only jealous!);-)

  • To Hillary, well done on your hilly run.

    With regard to bras the most supportive bra I have found for running is Enell which come in a variety of colours but a bit pricey but worth it. You can get them online from two different companies one called Sportbras and the other Less bounce, not sure of the correct website address.
  • The Enell's really scary-looking though! If it's the one I'm thinking of, my mate refused to buy one just in case she was run over and had to go to hospital!!! Mind you, they're supposed to be major bits of scaffolding, so if you get a taste for running up and down hills, it might be a good idea. I seem to recall that sportsbras are rated according to how much support they give, and how generous your unmentionables are, so that a level 2 support would be suitable for running if you were a 34b, but you'd need a level 3 or 4 if you were lucky enough to be a 38G (in which case you'd make me feel totally inadequate and I wouldn't talk to you anymore ;). What I've found though, is that even the slightly less supportive bras like the sportjock range are perfectly ok if you wear one of those tops with a built in support shelf over it. So long as everythings wicking you don't get too hot (not that that's a problem at this time of year). is a good place to look, and so's The latter has some nice clothes and lots and lots of advice. Marks and Spencer used to do some cool sportsbras too, with nice racer backs.

    I wonder what blokes do with all the time they don't spend shopping for underwear? Must be really dull being a bloke. Anyhow Hilary--happy shopping and let them there hills know who's boss.
  • Hi, 34DD here. I didn't get on with the M and S sports bra (the cupped bra version) it was a bit like scaffolding and the support gave me stitch. I now wear a Nike Dri-fit crop top with full support and it seems great, but is quite new.
  • I've got an old M&s one and it's really good--but it's more of a compression bra with a semi-transparent crop top layer. It's dropping in holes, too! Nike tops seem to last forever, though, although the support in mine isn't up to much--it's a bit big, though, so maybe you need them quite tight to start with!
  • hi, another 34 DD. i can't remember the name of my bra - but it's the one advertised by anna kournicova ( i think it might be a shock absorber) i got the highest support level (which i think was 4). the bra is fantastic for running - no bounce whatsoever and when you're as big as i am that's saying something!! the one thing i would say is that it does give you very strange pointy boobs which my husband finds very amusing!!
  • Thanks for all of these suggestions I'm sure I'll get suitably clad soon. Sorry Mimm, not quite G but the rest was right - its not my fault, tis me old ma's genes wot done it! Not sure if I fancy looking like Madonna as well as a complete plonker when thundering along.
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