Orange MTB

Am thinking of getting a new MTB now the FLM is over and wondered what peoples thoughts were on the above.
Is a P7 deore worth the additional 100 notes over a Gringo disc?



  • Oooh - i used to covet the P7.

    Never did get one. Sob sob sob.
  • Found one (P7) for 700 squid (750 usual price)at lesiure lakes in Bury!
    May be paying them a visit soon!
    Ooo and interest free credit too!
  • I used to race leisure lakes at southport. It was a good excuse to look at the shop there. Mmmmmmmmm.
  • Not quite answering your question but I love my Orange 02 so if you can stretch that leeetle bit further...
  • Arrrr am already stretching to the P7, but cheers
    I'm planning on that if they are 700 and will be paying them a visit soon!

    Ooo new stuff!
  • I have the P7 and have had it for a while now and have had no problems with it. I had never heard of orange when I bought it but took a chance and am glad I did. It's a top bike.
  • Last year, after a lot of research into bikes, I finally opted for an Orange model. No regrets at all - its a fantastic bit of kit. I went for a slightly different animal to ones your looking at (bought Orange sub 3) the only problem I have is justifying having such a wonderful machine when I am as crap as I am at riding it.
    Like Icedog above, I had never heard of Orange until I ventured into the murky underworld of MTB.
  • LOL Just read the original message to this thread and now realise that what I have written above is of absolutely no use whatsoever
    Good luck
  • But it's nice talking about Orange bikes anyway :-)

    Just upgraded the entire drivechain to the latest XT as I knackered the rear derrailleur. Can't wait to get out in them thar hills...
  • What might be useful advice is to post your query on an MTB forum.
    The most active ones I know are at and at

    They will definately be able to give you all the jargon, pros and cons, and in fact will probably convince you that you will need an Orange Patriot before you finish.
  • or go for a nicer more expensive bike and opt for a 0% finance option???

  • Bike ordered now, I must be getting old, went for the Gringo but got an uprated fork with it!

    Oooo can't wait now!

    Chaos - XT, NICE!
  • Calf
    Congrats on the bike purchase.
    One question - why the Lim steer in your pic - at least I think it is a lim - a bit furry but I guess that might be the pic.
  • What forks did ya get?

    XT = The best a man can get. I've got a combo of XT and Deore. Downgraded to Deore once I realised that riding it everyday isn't gonna be cheap for things like that. Although... The Deore chainset seems to behave remarkably well..
  • Hey, just seen a Kona Caldera '03 for £599!!! Bargain!
  • Jon! Cheers!

    Went for a Manitou super axle over the comp forks!
    Its not the greatest in the world but all I can afford at the moment, plus I am currently dreaming about a Tri (one day) so will be saving for another bike no doubt soonish!

    LFW, had no idea about the pic thought it looked cute, better than my pasty white calf so called muscles anyway!
  • So you've bought ya?
  • Yeppers all ordered end of last week!
    So fingers crossed should see it in 2 weeks time!

    What you got at the moment?
  • Kona Muni Mula with Marzocchi X-Flys, Deore/XT Groupset... Tis made up of about a million other different bikes, but is sweet as a very sweet nut! sadly pimp factor reduced dramatically by the Deore chainset (which as I said earlier was replacement for XT), but thinking maybe splashing out on Race Face Evolve... Just to be a whore!
  • Duuuuuuurrrrrrrrr... Of course ya bloody well bought! It says up there doesn't it?!
  • Lol

    Nice wheels Jon!

  • heee! Talking of nice wheels... The front one is a wee bit tarty with radial spokes... beautiful!

    <only a little bit of it's greeeeeeeeeeeeeeen>
  • Got a Blackspire 44t 9spd Chainring going cheap if you're interested. Got a full set to upgrade my old LX chainrings but then realised that the outer ring wasn't removable from the cranks - doh!
  • Whoopsy... Try flogging it on Singletrackworld, it'll be gone in no time...

    Always thought that when I'm rich and famous I'll go for Middleburn (hubba hubba!)
  • Whoops again! I'll work it out...
  • Grrrrrrrrwoof! Well... Ya get me..
  • My orange P7 is very old and very knackered and having just bounced round 50 miles of the Gorrick Enduro, I WANT A NEW BIKE. Time to sweet talk the bike shop owner!
  • You've already got about a million Jake the Snakes though, ain't ya?!
  • (suggesting that selling one might be the solution)
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