Anyone know how to pass boredom on the treadmill ??

Just finished a 20 mile run on the treadmill. The most boring run of my life. Racked my brains of something sane to think off, but to no avail. Any ideas. With the wheather getting worse I'll be stuck going to gym every day to get my training done. So I'm DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLS HELP


  • I ran half an hour on the treadmill today and was bored within two minutes.

    How you managed 20 miles is beyond me - well done. How long did it take you?
  • Hi Fi,

    ran at 5min per km. Ended up doing it in 2h40. That's why I need help. Bored is not the word. And then also it's way to hot in there.
  • Are you able to wath TV? Then watch something, that is even more boring, so you feel running on a treadmill as interesting ;-)
    Or better, watch something interesting. For me, running in a treatmill in the gym is the only possibility for watching german fottball, so I can run for 90 minutes, inkl. ads.
    Without, I just can go for a warm up.
  • 20 miles on a treadmill ?? Is that a good idea ??? Perhaps you should use a gym like mine which has a socket for headphones on each treadmill so you can listen to music / tv while you are running ...

    2 hrs 40 though .... was there a queue behind you when you finished ??
  • You did 20 Miles - I did 20 Mins - though I'd have prefered doing the 5K Race that I couldn't do for fear of wind damage...rant...moan...whinge
  • My head would have been porridge!!!!!!!!
  • Wow! My brain was mush after doing 10k on one for 50 minutes!

    One of the instructors down our gym apparently holds the world record for 50 miles on a treadmill!

    My only tips are to keep changing the screen display to give yourself some variety. Used to play games like seeing how accurately I could judge two minutes without looking at the timer, or trying to think of things for each letter of the alphabet e.g. people's names etc.

    Alternatively get some friends to run past with bushes, trees etc to make it look like you're running outdoors!
  • I think treadmills should be for topping up.I leave my big runs for outside no matter the weather.Better views, not as boring.Keep your porridge for early morning winter runs.
  • Yeah I do that whole alphabet thing. I try to think of as many rude words as I can beginning with each letter! It's great fun, though I've nearly fallen off twice, being so distracted and giggling when I'm particularly pleased with myself - and you do get some funny looks from other gym goers.

  • It seems to me you're working on mental training - keep focused - rather than physical training. i couldn't do it!
  • Well done, thats a very hard run to achieve and ive done plenty of long runs on the treadmill, not quite as long as that.

    But I did complete 26.2 miles on an indoor rower and boy that was boring and painful on certain parts of the body, 200m to go and my legs siezed up and they couldnt bend so i used my arms while legs were outstretched infront of me.

    What we do for charity eh!
  • Sorry - the only thing I tend to pass on the treadmill is wind...
  • Dont start SS
  • I bet the chicks were impressed though.
  • Look Benz - I am desperately looking for an excuse right now - to stay in all night! I can't find any more single posting threads to answer - so what else can I do!!!!!
  • Out girl, NOW
    or go to the gym:)
    Are you due a rest day?
  • Had it yesterday! Gym's closed....and MrSS isn't home yet to look after I just have to wait....and worry!
  • SS how scared are you of Ron
    look youve gotta live as well, and sometimes running aint convenient
    so dont feel guilty, (prob no point me saying that)
  • Benz - I'm not scared of today's session - it's the easiest one of the week - it's just fitting it in that's hard - I didn't want to go out in the wild at 5.30 this am and well - I don't have to do it - but I'll despise myself if I don't! It's Friday and Saturdays's sessions which scare much so that I keep bringing them forward so I don't have to worry for so long about them!

    Yes - I know I should be committed.... promise you won't be the one to do it though?!
  • I cant
    ive seen that thresd and Im sooo impressed
    id have to stop drinking i know, and i cant
    may print it out as a blueprint for the future
    keep going Im so impressed with your improvement
  • You ARE committed, listen to yourself
  • Hi you guys. Thanks for the response. I also put my towel over the display. Looking at the timer makes it to long.
  • It does not seem too long it is too long.
  • Ok I know Im a wuss
    but Im still upset by the heckles, and so the treadmill still has allure
  • What do they say when they heckle???
  • comments about my blubber usually
    im not the slimcea girl
    Worst one was pig noises
  • Well it beats the ultra sophisticated get your tits out that you hear up here.
  • they wouldnt be able to cope with mine
  • Strangely enough I've never been tempted to reveal mine either far to cold up here.
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