happy birthday to us

Hail to snicks and swiss bobby...not worthy

pass the apple puree and change the nappy someone.


  • Hi Alex, missed you Sunday....
  • Happy birthday to those who have been on here from the start unlike us new bread of lesser mortals.
  • well that as well....Its late in the day!
  • nicko,yes i flashed passed like a racing snail,you might have been distracted for the hour or two it took me to pass by an engrossing book....
  • Its never two years ?

    Are we talking about the formation of the UKURWFC or the start of the "new" forum ?
  • It's over two years, surely, because URWFRC thread started because all the messages about FLM 2002 were jamming up the other threads.
  • I think I started coming on here Aug 2002 and it hadn't been going that long so you could be right!

    Wow how it has grown....and so has the forum! LOL
  • How appropriate to have bumped into you here, of all places, Wolfy because you and I share a birthday! These little coincidences do fascinate me.
  • It's over two years, as I ran 2002 and was on the forum everyday leading up to it (obviously, whilst busy with work as well). Have popped in 'now and then' but not to much.

    Happy birthday, and well done to everyone who kept up the running, unlike myself!

  • i thought the urwfrc was formed very shortly after the 2002 flm,i didn't get here til october,after windsor in the run up to nyc...
  • Oh yes Ratty! Not long now till June!
  • I think it was about May Alex....
    So very soon now....
    And then I will also be getting younger in June, as will the Barkles and the Minkey! (All the best people....!)
  • I think we should have a forumites' birthday thread, coz there's lots of coincidences.

    I share a birthday with Slide, and with Evil Pixie's son.


    And has it really been two years?

    I joined August 2002, but didn't post until April 2003.

    OOOOOOH! It's my forum birthday!!!

  • interesting fact for statistically minded-very counter intuitive.if you get 24 people together-virtual or in a room,doesn't matter,the chance of two having the same birthday are better than 50:50.so 'coincidences' are to be expected...it might even be 23 people,my memory is dim

    just checked.23 gives chance of 0.49 something so 24 gets you over the 50%

    ldb i too will be dipping below an important hurdle on 31st may
  • But surely the chances are one in 366?
  • `LDB.. ytou mean it is my second 21st soemtime oon?

    Damn.. been trying to forget that bit!
  • oon?

  • hello everyone

    happy birthday to us

    lets hope that we go from strength to strenght in our 3rd year
  • look here for help on the birthday 'paradox'

  • Ow.


    My brain hurts.
  • I started using forum in Jan/Feb 2002 in build up to my first ever race, FLM 2002. UFRWFRC was formed, as has been previously stated very soon after then by the good bobster et al.

    test - can anyone remember who designed club logo?

    I can!
  • Jason L
  • give the man a prize!!!
  • Fantastic - I haven't won anything in ages!

    Anyone heard from Snicks lately? Or is she too busy to post nowadays?
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday to everyone.

    I started coming on the site in June 2002 after my first race, on the 16th June which was my birthday too, and was one of the people trialling this new site.

    I've 'met' so many lovely people on here. Big hugs to all forumites.
  • Hope this thread tempts BK out of the marshes.....

    Hi Redhead!
  • Happy birthday forums
  • Happy birthday everyone! Seems like we've been talking to each other much longer than 2 years!
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