Cross country nancy boys and big girl's blouses

Right that's got your attention.

I drove 50 miles today for the first league cross country of the season. When I got there it had been called off because of the weather. Couldn't believe it. It wasn't even that bad. I'm in the North-East which has been largely unaffected by today's storms and I've run in blizzards before in cross country meetings. After all, isn't that what they are meant to be like.

Any other cross country fixtures called off or is it just in the northeastt where they are all soft jessies


  • My mate sat next to me says "no we're not soft jessies!"

    It looks as if a few races were cancelled today. I feel sorry for Snowdon Marathon runners' who must have been training for months.
  • Someone on the four villages thread also had race cancelled, fear of litigation probably
  • Sympathies to you all
    I couldnt do it, but they should let you , if you want to
  • Yes they should and they should film it and we could all watch.
  • The Stroud 1/2 marathon was,nt cancelled despite a horendous night of gale force winds. I drove from Bristol swerving to avoid several fallen trees and branches on the road to get there!!! Perhaps the west country boys and girls are made of harder stuff........a great run, hard and 'undulating' but worth it.

  • Honestly, the weather wasn't bad up here. There was flooding on the course apparently. So what. As long as it wasn't deeper than head height we'd have been OK
  • I thought that was the whole point of X country anyway? Most of us can swim!
  • Xtreme sport.
  • Mmmm. I got blown over this morning and had to phone home for rescue vehicle. Tried sheltering in bus shelter, but it was flapping about so much I thought it would blow away and take me with it. Had to hang on to road sign til better half arrived, whereupon I let go and was blown into someone's front garden. Does this mean I'm a big girl's blouse??? ;-)
  • I was setting up a water station in a bus shelter this morning & the glass got blown out!
    Then had to go and remove fallen tree from the course.
    The race still went ahead. I think there might still be a couple of runners still out there though.

    Maybe it's only us soft, shandy drinking Southerners who are tough enough to race in the wind!
  • Saturday I ran the beachyhead marathon along with about 1500 other people now that was windy to the extreme one step forward two steps back finished in just over five hours
  • I sat in my dining room watching my beloved greenhouse being blown to bits. Hubby nobly risked life and limb to go to the DIY shop to purchase new glass to fit when the wind finally died down in the late afternoon.
  • Well done Supervet.
    How close to the clff edge were you? In that wind a mile would have been too close.
  • A touch of runners trots slowed me down no end it got so bad I could have given up at Birling gap,but decided to jump off at beachy head but chickend out at the last minute.
  • The Walsall Flyer - a 5 miler on the outskirts of Birmingham was cancelled but there it was the police who pulled the plug. They were so stretched with seeing to fallen trees etc. that they couldn't spare the few officers needed to cover a few road junctions. Fair enough, I suppose but disappointing as all the runners and marshalls were there and up for it.
  • HI Ed, Flooding didn't stop the Great Scottish run, perhaps they are made of harder things too
  • had to go for a run Sunday to calm down from the excitement of flying into Heathrow in the heart of the storm ... the pilots on the flights that weren't cancelled earned every penny of their salaries that day.
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