Is FLM the place to P.B.

Hi all i am lucky enough to have got a good for your age place in FLM2004. But even with a better starting position is it possible to do a good time (unless your with the elite) or should i stick to a good flat smaller run like Blackpool where i P.B. this year. Help please.? Ta seaweed


  • I'm not sure about the PB--watching London on TV last year made me think of folks trying to run in a crowded shopping centre!--but well done getting a place at all! ;-)!
  • Never run the London Marathon - but no, I wouldn't have thought so!
  • seaweed are you sure you've got the year right?
  • No i meant to put 2003 ,thanks
  • BH Seaweed let's do NY first!!
  • Really depends on what sort of time you're aiming for ... you're clearly sub 3:15 but it's stillpretty crowded unless you're going sub 3:00. If you make sure you're near the front the masses will have cleared out by about mile 3 and you won't have lost too much time by then even if it is congested. More of a danger is pushing too far forward and getting swept along too fast. Not sure on this as haven't run FLM recently but from recollection of friends who have I think the "good for age" folks have a different "green"?? start.
  • PS. But aside from that London is very fast and you get plenty of company the whole way around (if that suits you).
  • Seaweed

    I ran London this year and was placed with the 3:15 to 3:30 runners and was surprised at how little I was impeded (after the first mile). Infact I agree with Tadder, I had a problem keeping my pace down as I was swept along at a faster pace than I wanted at mile 2 and 3. Then was able to settle down.

    I spent too much energy waving and chatting to everone to get a PB - BUT WHAT THE HELL, I really enjoyed it.

    I think you will enjoy London more without the worry of a PB - but it can be done if yo want to.
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    I started at 'green' in 1999 and it seemed to be very old 'good for age' not the new version they've launched this year. 'Green' also covers the Football Challenge runners which is why I was there :-) along with the celebs as well I think (perhaps that's why I was there).
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