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I'm looking for a back pack to carry a change of clothes (trousers, shirt, shoes etc,) plus a towel and shower gel. Needs to be waterproof and comfortable for 1 hour runs. Any suggestions??


  • Just get the most comfortable one you can find, then line it with a strong bin-liner or similar :)
  • The 81st thread in this Gear section (titled 'Backpacks'!) has some recommendations - Lowe I think.....

  • I'm pretty pleased with a Karrimor Kimm 35 I purchased earlier in the year. It compresses well for smaller loads, it sits well on your back and doesn't interfere with your arm action. It was designed for Mountain Marathons, and cuts out all unnecessary weight. I've run with it almost full and with only a 1litre water bottle and it was OK for both.

    You can check it out at:

    It doesn't have padding for the back. This is OK, providing you pack it well. But it isn't like a familiar backpack that holds its shape when empty. There are no compartments and no zippy-up side pockets. The one I've got isn't made for an internal platty-bladder, but I'm not too keen on these things anyway. I believe the latest version does take one.

    It isn't perfect, but then what is? Personally I'd add a bit of back padding - to give it a more rigid form. I'd also add a pocket or a clip which would hold a map when you don't need it.

    It's worth checking out. You get a good discount at: - where I bought mine, but I think what they have in stock is last year's version, ie minus the enhancements you read about on the kimm website.

  • I've got a KIMM 25 which I find has adequate capacity - spare clothes and waterproofs. Unlike Dans 35, it does have a small amount of backpadding, internal lid pocket,a mesh pocket on top of lid and 2 small hip belt pockets. Best thing about it though - its very stable and doesnt chaffe when running no matter how full (or empty it is)
  • I have a Camelback Mule but it might be a bit small for your needs. Having said that I wouldn't like to run with anything much bigger.

    And I have a Camelback RimRunner which is also good

    I also have a Lowe Alpine Contour Event 35 but I find that a bit too large.

    I guess I just like backpacks
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