Only got the message today.
Everthing's fine, mate. Thanks for asking.


  • Good timing matey, just logged on. No I wasn't at work yesterday, thats where my e-mails appear to come from.

    Glad you're OK, was a bit worried
  • Oi, wheres your picture
  • There you are, young fellah!!!

    Went for a great run yesterday!! and another today. I'm now knackered.

    I'll be in and out of the forum this week due to holidays and child care and work stuff.
  • I've sent you a picture, but the quality may be crap due to crap technician - yours truly, but I feel you'll like it anyway.
  • oh you mean my picture......
  • What this 10 stuff? Is that your score for 'ours truly'
  • Didn't you read the email you sent me?

    Actually yes she gets 10... and then some!
  • Glad your happy about the run. You didn't do Stroud I guess. I overslpet this morning after too much booze last night and then ran 15 miles in two hours and felt great. Strange thing the human body. Thinking of a break with family around your part of the world in December. Maybe Ross on Wye. Any recommendations?
  • To quote a Pink Floyd line "I was probably drunk at the time". Can you send it back to me tomorrow so I can remember. I'm not sure how ten fits into wot I wrote.
  • Ross is just up the road, nice town. There are some hotels in the Forest itself, but you would be better at Ross or Hereford- more for the little one and Mrs BK.
    Let me know when you wnat to come and we'll arrange a booze up, may be able to recruit Badger as well.
  • something about 1= fail and 10=pass?
    Confused now.
    Gotta go, Mrs B wants the phone.
  • Sounds like a good idea. I know Ross, nice pub down by the river and we've also visited Hereford and Monmouth. I like you're part of the world, so quiet compared to the Thames Valley.
  • Yes remember now. Thanks I'm happy now.

    I'm off to to continue my affair with Amanda Burton. Back at 10 , probably.

    Wine bottle should be bigger!

  • Was gonna ask same question
    Come back both of you:(
  • Benz, hope things are well with you.
  • [sniffs air suspiciously]

    what you two up to? (emails, 10s?)
    Malvern much better than Ross of course BK!

  • Goddess!
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