squealy Reebok shoe

hy, does anybody have experience with squealy Reebok Running shoes?
My first pair of was a daytona dmx shoe. After a while they started to squeal. The following shoes were Reebok canton road dmx. After 1 month they started to squeal too. What can this be?
I think the innersole is ruined. But why? At Reebok's the do not know an answer.
Thanks in advance.
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  • Don't know about Reebok specifically, but squeaking is usually caused by the glue joint between the outsole and the upper (or insole board) failing.

    You haven't machine washed them have you? This often causes it to happen.
  • Or do you have a rodent infestation??
  • No, did not wash them before they began squealing. Very much later I machine washed them and the squealing was gone for a few days. But came then back.
    And I don't thing that I have a rodent infestation.

    How can I handle the glue-problem?

  • It's not really a problem that can be repaired. How long did you have them for before it started? How many miles did you run in them?
  • Had them about one month and after about 62 miles.
  • Squealing + insole ruined....
    My deduction is that you're pivoting after planting your feet.
    Perhaps it'd be worth getting your gait analysed next time you buy?
  • These shoes were an gait-analysed purchase. I have a spray-foot and a hollow-foot and got a supination.
    In the sports-shop I told the salesperson about my feet and they and Reebok as well recommended these pairs for my gait.
    Adidas, Nike or Asics are ill-fitting. Too slim or tight
  • for what it's worth, my hubby's reeboks squeak, he doesn't run in them, worse when it's wet, giggle making when out for a walk. They also smell of pee!
    Sorry, b, I realise this dosn't help you, but must be very annoying for you when you obviously took trouble over the purchase.
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