BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Sorry to bombard the forum with posts, but, someone told me that Paula Radcliffe is not in the running for this title. Have the BBC gone mad? Or, even more have the public gone mad? I have also been told that Beckham, Redgrave and Henman are final three - eh, why? What have they done this year ay?

If this is true I am thoroughly disgusted.

Gem x


  • Let's look at this in more detail:

    David Beckham:- Captains England in another mediocre world cup performance and continues to earn megabucks at a second-rate Premiership outfit somewhere in the northwest. (Oh allright, so we beat Argentina at last).

    Sir Steven Redgrave:- Britains greatest Olympian who actually retired two years ago from international competition.

    Tim Henman:- Erm............... Oh yeh, semi-finals of wimbledon, but never in with a chance of beating Hewitt.

    Paula Radcliffe:- London Marathon, New world marathon record, European 10,000m and the most consistent achiever in British sport at present.

    If the above is true, it just goes to prove that the Beeb have lost the plot (who recalls an 18 year old Michael Owen winning?)
  • Who told you this?

    As far as I am aware, I don't think the voting has started yet. Rest assured, when it does, Paula will have my vote!

    Let's hope this can't be true.
  • think somebody is winding you up.
    BBC would not dare to leave Paula (we are not worthy) out of the voting.
  • I have been browsing and can find nothing but an article saying she is down to win it (dated 20/08/02). The info i got was from a "prestigiously popular soon to be axed" breakfast TV show on channal 4, so of course, it must be true (can you hear the suspision developing in my tone now?)

    If the voting has not yet started, I do not want to be left out. How do I do it? I'll vote a million times for her.
  • Cmon RW, you must know someone influential
  • I have found out now, she is the favourite by 4-1, some horse riding little bloke is 50-1 and Lennox Lewis is 3-1. There are some interesting opinions on's Sports Talk about who should win. I leave you fellow runners to judge for yourselves!
    Take care
    Gem x
  • Between Paula and Ellen MacArthur (yachtswoman) Beckham and co. don't stand a chance!
  • Thankyou Gemma C. It appears that normal service has been resumed! Goodnight.
  • And from the swimmers and the commonwealth games who get uo at 4 a.m 5 mornings a week , nothing, BBC executives were bad at games
  • Yep. I think Rebecca Cooke should at least have been in with a shot, even if she's not going to win it ahead of Paula.
  • What about Jane Tomlinson (I think) that poor lady with the terminal illness. She should get a mention too - London Marathon and London Triathlon she completed this year.
  • I'm sure Jane will get a mention, and I'd like to see her getting some kind of special award. Quite apart from anything else, it makes good telly, so I can see the BBC going for it if quite a few people suggest it.
  • Let's not forget our Gold medal curlers! ... but then there's a team award for them.
  • But where are the swimmers??
  • Jane Tomlinson for the Helen Rollason award!

    RW forumites should get special award for advancing the running cause !
  • jane should get a knighthood or summat
  • Ah - forgot the Helen Rollason award - Jane'll get that surely?

    I hadn't forgotten the curlers - I can't see them winning it though - it'll be the Ryder Cup team or a football team - yawn! Curling was too near the start of the year for a start, I doubt if many people will remember that, even though at the time it seemed to suddenly have loads of people rivetted to a sport that previously they'd laughed at (myself included).
  • you're right ... the Ryder Cup team will get it ... recent memories and just so nice to beat the Amercians ... can't even remember who our ladies beat ... Canada? Switzerland??
  • Me neither - vaguely recollect Canada in the semis and Switzerland in the final, but I've no idea where that came from!
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