Fall Back

Did you remember that the clocks were going back last night?

In order to get to today's run I needed to leave the house at 7am so set the alarm for 6am and had a nice early night. Alarm worked, straight up, in the shower, sorting my kit and the man on the radio says "You're listening to the World Service and it 5:11 GMT!!!!!"

What a prat (me not the man on the radio)


  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Silly boy ;-)
  • Nick - we forgot and turned up for a rugby tournament with the two youngs WAY before we were due. We stood around for about two hours and then were told that it had been cancelled due to the bad weather.
  • Gnasher
    Thanks for not letting me be the only one

    Redhead: my words at 5:11am exactly (ish!)

    It then got worse because the bus (that replaced the train coz they aren't running) didn't arrive so by 7:45 it looked like everything was off. Fortunately a mate helped out and the Ricky 9 was run in, literally, staggering conditions. Haven't found anyone yet who doesn't think I'm totally barking mad after it all - can't imagine why.
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