Monday session - 28 October

Okay pop pickers, let's have your stone-cold HITS for today, or something.

What: Nothing.
Why: Resting dodgy calf/knee, don't want to cane it too hard.

Last hard: Thursday
Last rest: Today.


  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Unfortunately the weather has been too hot in Florida over the past two weeks to do much training. Couldn't even find an internet cafe, until tonight!

    But feel very rested and cant wait to get back to start training again.
  • attempted speedwork in gym
  • Today I will be mostly putting my feet up in the metaphorical sense due to running a race yesterday
  • Managed my 5.4 miles yesterday despite grim winds. Did a 2.8 mile cycle ride this morning - lots of hills. Main exercise today will be clearing up puppy wee!
  • What: rest
    Why: race yesterday
    last hard day: sun
    last rest day: sat

    really think I need to take a week off
    2 x achilles tender
    1 x hip tender
    some oddly feeling abs muscles!!??
  • Had a complete week off running (barring one 5 easy five miler) so looking forward to getting back into it.

    What: 5 miles easy
    Why: Monday is easy day
    Last hard run: 8 days ago
    Last rest: Yesterday


  • what: something q easy
    why: day between long run (yesterday) & anticipated hard session with other runners (tomorrow). Would have had day off had it not been for some v easy days at back end of last week as part of taper for cancelled 5K

    last hard day: Sun (well I was on my feet for longer than in quite a while)
    last rest day: Sat

  • What - Rest
    Why - Rather wet 12 miles yesterday
    Last Hard Day - Yesterday
    Last Rest Day - Saturday (and Friday)

    Last few weeks I have been doing 3 days and this week hopefully adding another day and perhaps some weights ! (maybe)
  • What: rest
    Why: race yesterday
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest: Fri

    Away for 4 days to the Cotswolds, hopefully get some good runs in with lovely scenery
  • Hi all - bit late today - feeling a bit low as race on Sat did not really go as planned.

    What: Easy 5
    Why: Calf abit tight and speed work tomorrow

    Last hard: Saturday (well it was meant to be hard)
    Last Rest: Yesterday
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    What: 6 miles steady. In -8 degrees. Sunny and Fab.
    Why: My half marathon programme told me to.
    Last hard: Last Sunday (whoops)
    Last rest: Friday (but on feet all day doing corporate training then had to fly home so it didn´t feel like a rest day!)
  • Gym night: 20 min treadmill or multi trainer
    and weights.
  • Hi all

    Thought I'd take the bull by the horns and post

    What: 30min recovery run tread mill
    Lower body weights
    Why: Race yesterday
    Last hard: Yesterday
    Last rest: saturday

    Hope that was OK
  • What: 12 miles at 7.5min mile pace.

    Why: Hard 1hr 30min hills session yesterday.

    Last rest Saturday.

    Bonus: Just got weighed and I've got under 12stones for first time since June.
  • day 1 of week 1 of marathon training so;

    what - easy 40 min jog
    why - can't be arsed with anything else
    last hard day - last sunday's 10km
    last rest - monday to sunday last week.

    god i need some motivation!!
  • Lizard rampages over (small bit of) north london

    what - wheezing 5 miler
    why - giving the government too much tax
    last hard day - erm Windsor or today
    last rest day - too many to choose from

    Bonus: my golf is improving
  • What - Steady 5 miles
    Why - Nice evening, no rain or wind! (LizzyB- where is it -8 degrees?!)
    Last hard - Saturday
    Last rest - Friday

    Godzilla - I'm also a golfing runner, hard to fit in both isn't it?
  • Evening all.

    What: Club speed endurance session, hurrah, 5 * 3 min intervals, 2 min recoveries.
    Why: 'if it's hurting it must be working' - right?Found my legs turning into spaghetti during the second half of every lap.
    Last hard: tonight.
    Last rest: Fri, another rest day tomorrow definitely.
  • Sounds like a decent sesh to me Laura...

    Trotted round for just under 4 miles at about 6:50 per mile pace. Legs felt like they were moving quite quickly - but they weren't! - slightly alarming.
  • what i'd give to run 6m50 miles Mike. Don't knock it. I bust a gut earlier to run 8m05s over 4.5 miles. Still, i did it 2 and a half mins quicker than last week so can't complain eh?

    Interval training on treadmill tomorrow. Can't wait!!
  • Dave yes it is - tried both at once, but got sent off the course (we had been drinking - the shame)
  • Godzilla - I'm trying a seasonal approach, given up golf until the Spring now. Reason? Golf recovers quickly after a long lay-off, but I think the running would be hard work after a few months off!
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