Osteitis pubis


I would be interested to know of any experience of the above injury. I have a definitive diagnosis of this, based on an MRI scan, and I'd be particularly interested to hear from anyone who has experienced the same problem. Tips on long term maintenance/avoiding recurrence would also be welcome.



  • I have had over 9 months lay off from running and its finally been diagnosed as Osteitis Pubis. Total rest from running, plenty of 'pilates' type stretching and considerable patience is required. Typically this is an over use injury which may also be caused by some under lying bio mechanical problem. In my case, it appears to be weak glutes. It can take up to 2 years for the symptoms to disappear but I hope in both mine and your instance, this is not the case. Its driving me nuts not being able to run!!
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    Guys, can I recommend the Bowen Technique.  It's a very soft gentle remedial tissue therapy.  There is a specific pelvic procedure that works on the glutes and the anterior ligaments in the area and could be of great benefit to you.
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    I had this, anti-inflams sorted it out. Caused by playing football, too much twisting and turning.
  • I have got this condition, started out as groin pain. Had an mri scan 5 months later then it was diagnosed  Have cut out all training but still flares up sometimes leaving me almost unable to walk at all and in extreme pain. Now seen a consultant whos subscribed diclofenic , a stronger anti inflammatory drug.  I know it will be a long time yet before I am fit again.  Will post any developments, would like to hear from any one else whos had it.
  • Just come back from the physio after trying to continue training with it for 3 months, already signed up to run the paris marathon not realising how bad the injury is and now been told I need 5 months off! I got mine from skipping, so painful! After your MRI, what has the specialist advised? I was told that if its a really bad case surgery is sometimes required? 

  • Hi I was told surgery is very rare. I stopped training in April and it didnt get any better possibly because I have a physical job. Its been alot better since I ve been on the diclofenic and on light duties at work. Basically once the pain has pretty much gone careful core strengthening exercises are required. I might be getting an ultra sound guided steroid injection into the pubic symphisis to speed it up. I'm seeing some recovery signs now but a conservative approach is required. My advise is dont run or do anything to aggravate it. The sooner you start recovery the better.I used google and you tube to find out what i could. Good luck.
  • i started suffering with this in sept 2010 sounds like i may of backed off early enough to avoid to much damage once i stopped running it took a couple off weeks for the pain to die down and i have found that the indoor rower didn't seam to bother it. I had an MRI scan 8 weeks ago and it confirmed what it was and still showed some inflammation but by that point i was already back running mainly long and slow but running nether the less and pain free, now doing threshold sessions and still pain free image
  • Had the injection 2 weeks ago. Painful experience! Some improvement I think, still doing core exercises but not run yet. A bit afraid to to be honest. Still get some adductor pain if I push it too much in that area.
  • I've had this condition for 11 months now. I've had 2 steriod injections and followed all my specialist advice, I haven't run in 2012 and do pilates 4-5 times a week. This condition is crippling my lifestyle, I've run out of options! Fortunately I can still cycle with out any pain, but find walking painfull.


  • Would happily tell you what i tried and what worked for me,  but dont want to slate anyone on a public forum.basically I am pain free and doing sport though not run much yet. Combination of a hip injection and deep tissue massage in my back seemed to do the trick after 2 years of frustration.. cld you find me on facebook?  from cornwall, profile pic is a sailing dinghy.

  • Jeremy I cannot find you on FB! I should be easier to find 'Desmond Thorpe' my pic is me in sun glasses!
  • DT2 - if often not what's been done, but what hasn't been done.

    What about specific stability stuff rather than pilates? What's been said about your back? Gluts, adductors, hammies? What advice have you been given?



  • Good call '6 phy' in a word nothing!....... Just spoke to JS2 and he suggest back massage, what do you think?
  • Prob need a bit more than a back massage! You need to know the reason why. Commonly your low lumbar spine becomes unstable (?Poor posture ?poor glut control ?post injury) and the supporting (adductors etc) muscles go nuts and try and ramp up the needed support.

    In doing so they create inappropriate amounts of tension for an extraordinary amount of time.....the muscles are not designed or intended for use like this. Give it a while and the breakdown starts.

    If the instability is not addressed the process continues...BUT do give you're back any extra movement. It's all to do with a potentially stiff thoracic spine - go mad here!
  • Can you recommend any specialist in the Manchester area?
  • Try Harris & Ross.
  • Does anyone have a recommendation for the London area as well? Thanks

  • Looking for advice (and hopefully some positive stories!). Had OP since January 2013 but only got correct diagnosis start of August. I spent 6 months being managed for a pubic ramus stress fracture but a repeat MRI, when it didn't seem to be healing, showed it was a problem of inflammation not bone damage! So after 5 weeks of diclofenac, gabapentin and a steroid injection 2 weeks ago, I am still seeing no improvement (i.e. can't do ADL without pain & can't look after my 2 children on my own). I am unable to do any regular physio or swimming because it is too sore and told not to do anything that aggravates. I have been given a neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) machine to trigger disused muscles-I use 4 times a day on abductors, gluts, abdominals and quads. Currently NHS physio at a loss-has said just keep using the NMES and trying to swim (not using legs) as much as possible. Have been advised I may benefit from IV biphosphonates to reduce bone edema but Drs are reluctant to do anything till 6 weeks post injeciton to see if it helps. 

    I look forward to the day I can run again and compete in adventure races (I was looking forward to throwing myself into training post children and pre children was racing lots and well). I will not give up! But as yet can't see a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • I finally seem free of OP!!!!!!

    avoided running for 18 month, kept my fitness through cycling and racing mountain bikes, along with pilates.

    I now do 2 x 6 miles runs/week so far so good, I've been running again for 2 months pain free, may increase mileage next year......happy days

  • Oh my, I think I might finally have found a possible explanation for the groin pain that has caused me running problems on and off since 2010. Initially noticed it first after runs over 8 miles. Over the last year or so however I'm in such pain after even a short run that I've all but give up.  image  Physio suspected hairline pelvic fracture but nothing seen on xray. Nothing else suggested other than "something muscular" and stretching exercises which have changed nothing. I suspect whatever it is happened as result of childbirth in 2007. Does this sound like a candidate?? 

  • I self diagnosed I have this after googling all my symptoms and reading up on various conditions. My GP agreed and referred me to NHS physio which I've been doing for the last couple of months. They've said tendinopathy but I feel they are clutching at straws. I have been given strengthening exercises but have no improvement whatsoever. Tried a road run the other day and was in pain after 1 mile. I thought after a 5 month rest period I could at least run a short distance but it wasn't to be. Totally fed up and getting desperate now. Should I just give it more time?  

  • Plenty of heat to the area is a good thing. A area renowned for v restricted blood flow. Will aid the healing
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