How do my £20 View From sunglasses, from M&S, differ from the £150+ Oakleys that I see the big names wearing?

Is the difference in price really justified?


  • Depends how much of your self-esteem depends on buying 'cool', I guess, Multi...

    so save your pennies, sweetheart.

  • My Addidas gazelles were approx £80 and for me it was money well spent - they're adjustable so they fit well, which can be a problem if you've got a small head like me! (always find oakley's and other wire frame styles rub my ears). I can change the lenses on my glasses and take them apart completely - which is damn handy as I don't really look after them properly, I tend to chuck them in my bag and so the lenses ge scratched, and I have been known to accidentally sit on glasses and snap the arms off!
  • My Nike sunglasses were only £25 (still retailing in some places at over £80).

    Retail parks are a wonderful thing...
  • Well with Oakleys - you'll be paying for the big buck contracts that the pro athletes get to endorse the glasses. And more expensive designers I guess.

    I've worn Oakley since the days of Lemond -they were the first bike specific sunglasses out.

    The CEO of Oakley covered Lance Armstrongs cancer treatment when he heard about his situation. Lance was out of contract and had no health cover. Oakley added him to their staff insurance - by telling their insurers that if they didn't - they'd take their business elsewhere. That was a nice touch - at that time Lance didn't look likely to survive - much less come back and be a tour winner.

    Oh, I waffled.

    The optics are excellent on Oakley - apparently they come out in high faluting tests as no.1, but dunno if mere mortals would notice.
  • Got my Nike's for £25 so I'm happy as they were marked up at £43!

    I'd be worried about looseing Oakley's
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Dunno about sunglasses but with snowboard goggles ... there is a world of difference between £50 Cebe goggles and £150 Oakley goggles - better visibility, fit etc.

    ... but for running... I've got a pair of £50 Julbo glasses, stay on fine, dunno about the visibility as I only ever wear sunlasses on top of my head to keep the hair out ofmy eyes, heaven forbid that I'd use them for their proper purpose...
  • Multi: if you look closely you will see that your's are special prescription goggles which you are allowed to wear because of your severe glycoma (that is you in the picture I assume). Thought you had a good game last night BTW.
  • Oakley have a very good reputation for replacing broken sunglasses. I sent mine back once simply asking for a repair since specialist glue is needed for polycarbonate (and having admitted that the break was from a skiing wipe-out) and they sent me back a brand new pair! Others have reported the same.
  • Yeah - Oakley replaced my eyejackets when they broke - but it was their fault they broke. Honest.
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