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Holidays really do seem to be a killer. I'd only just started to run and was determined to continue on holiday in Portugal (late September). Thought if I went earlyish in the morning it might not be too bad - went the first time and this huge dog bounded toward me barking and spitting and that was that for the holiday running. Unfortunately, it seems that was that for running. I just can't get back into it. I bought Bob Glover's Running Handbook which is brilliant but I just keep coming up with fantastic reasons why I can't step out the door - obviously I need waterproof tracksters, its a bit chilly/blowing a gale etc, etc. Any help at all would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


  • Clariss; others have said that they find it helpful to look forward to a 'reward' when they come back, so that may help. For me, three things work: running with someone else, so that if I don't go, I'm letting them down; remembering how much better I feel afterwards, even if getting out of the door is like pulling teeth; reminding myself that I can eat much more food yet look much more toned if I run! Go on girl. Just do it!
  • clariss, what seems to work for me is making the decision to go running when i'm not about to do it, for example when I'm at work I often decide I'll go running when I get home - it doesn't seem hard when you don't actually have to do it right now! Then when I get home I rush in, get changed and get out of the house again before I have a chance to change my mind! I think it works because I like the IDEA of going running most of the time, but if I actually have to do it right now then the excuses start flowing....
    also having a goal has helped me, I actually got out of bed on Saturday morning for a 6 miler in the wind and rain, because I want to do well in my next race in November - try signing up for a couple of races in the next few months.
  • Hi Clariss - fitgit's idea is a good one, and it's what I often do when I feel the excuses starting...when I get home from work I feed the cat then hit the road. My other strategy is self-bribery: when I first ran 20 minutes a few weeks ago, I rewarded myself with a nice fleecy running top. I'm now planning my 30 minute reward, which I hope I'll earn in a couple of weeks...good luck!
  • Enter a race I ran miles for years and then just stopped so a friend suggested entering a race and the thought of not managing the distance really acted as agreat motivator.
  • Thank you all so much - looks like having something to aim for is the key. Think I'll look for a 5k early in the New Year - maybe I could ask for new gear for Xmas?!
  • Hi Clariss,

    I'm with Freaky - the thought of not going the distance is the best motivator.

    It's actually the only thing that keeps me in the gym and not in the pub!

  • Clariss!
    Go for a run or I'll come round and give you a Chinese burn!
    A bad one!
  • There Is no escape EP
  • EP
    I would love to join you in Brighton but I think I may be pushing it a bit to go from couch potato to 10k in 3 weeks! Can you give me a bit more advance warning for another one? Think I might join a club - there's one fairly local to me but I'm not sure how novice they take people!! Thanks for your support.
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