Exmoor Stagger

I am mad. When I woke up at 6.30am (BST) I decided to sack off the Barn's Breen Half Marathon and head for Minehead. I ran the Exmoor Stagger, a 14 Mile event over mud, rocks and styals in 2hrs 33. I felt ok at the end, the terrain was treacherous and when I passed 7 miles in 1-25 I thought I'd struggle to break 3 hours! The wind was battering, as as we got to the top of the highest point I did feel quite nauseous through only being in shorts and vest with the wind and sleet battering me everywhere. Still I only fell over once, didnt break any ankles and I can say I have done it! My last 2 miles were run in 15 mins as well!


  • hey Jeffsy... you looney you..
  • Jeffsy
    Of course you are absolutely barking mad, but then so are the rest of us - enjoy the company.

    We had the gales but without the sleet, I don't envy you I think I might have wussed out if it had been too wet yesterday

  • Big respect Jeffsy - but Nick is right, you are absolutely barking
  • Thanks. I know I am. I had nothing better to do on Sunday.
  • Jeffsy
    Glad you enjoyed the run. Maybe you'll change your profile and add long gut busting off road races in shitty weather instead of wussy 5ks
  • Well done Jeffsy! Having run this race in the past I have much respect for you doing it in Sunday's weather conditions and especially after driving all that way. Great event though, don't you think?
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