2005 Entry

I've got 2 failed ballot entries under my belt and I've just moved house. Does anyone know who, from the london marathon company, I contact and how I contact them so I can keep my records with them going and get my ballot place in 4 years time...

Well done to everyone who ran it. I ran on a gold bond last year and I was so jealous watching it last sunday.


  • Give them a ring, the phone numbers on their website (I think), if not let me know and ill find it on my confirmation letter for you.
  • When you apply later this year, you'll see on the form some words that suggest you include details of any different address related to previous ballot applications. Lets face it, there must be thousands.
  • on a similiar thread, I have had 2 failed ballot places.
    this year I got a club place but deffered through injury.
    so I have a place for 2005, but should I apply through the ballot to maintain my record for a guarented entry after the 5 years.
    If I did reapply and successful I could defer that place to 2006.
    just wondered what anyone else do in the same circumstances.
    Is it wrong, and is there any way the flm peeps can check
  • no wonder it's so difficult to get in, with all this scheming going on.
  • I moved house last summer with 3 rejections already. I applied again for this years FLM expecting rejection number 4 but to my surprise I got in, so I don't think moving house affects the 5 rejections and you're in method.
  • JB, I think you club place works in the same way as gold bond places, in that it doesn't actually belong to you but to the club. So if you reapply and get in your club place can go to another club member.
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