Asics bargain?


Just wanted to let you know that The Soccer Shop in Preston were selling Asics Kayano VII for £50 reduced from £105. I thought this was a good buy.
I don't know if this is a national promotion or not. I know of other stores at Cheshire Oaks, Manchester and Newcastle.
Might help someone.


  • is that Sports Soccer?

    they had some Stormy Pegs at £50 and usually have a few interesting shoes in
  • yeah its sports soccer - got the name wrong.
    I was quite suprised never bought shoes from them before - plenty of clothes though.
  • They have a very basic web site with store locations and contact numbers on it, so you could call your local store before traveling to it. Maybe even ask for a pair to be put aside at that price!
  • oh my God - I've been trying to get some more of these for months!!! Are you sure it was V11 and not V111?
  • oldbones - sorry I just checked and they are VIII and not VII. Easy mistake to make really - never was any good with roman numerals. Does it make a big difference ??
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