I hate mondays

Does anyone know of a job in the south (or anywhere for that matter) which is satisfying, well paid and low in stress?? Or am I searching for an enigma


  • It's that Monday (erm, and Tuesday, Wednesday etc) morning feeling! It's especially hard when it's so gorgeous outside, and you're itching to get out there! I suppose we can look forward to the Bank Holiday next week...

    Oh, and if anyone has that job, I'd like to know too!

  • I've got it!

    Sitting here with NOTHING to do. No meetings. No pressure. Decent pay. And at the end of the week the people here will all buy me drinks!

    (Could it be because this is the last week of my notice period)
  • I hate my job too :o(

    I've just applied to be a Balloon Crew, helping outside with hotair balloons, how cool! Pays well and I get to be outside all the time. Fingers crossed.
  • dustbin men are meant to get good pay!!
    knowing you have saved people a trip to the tip could be satisfying!!
    and i don't think it can be that stressful...can it?
    and you could even run round to get that training in!!
  • Waap, do you have a new one to go to?? Good luck. BR sounds fab do you go up in balloons often??. And Yorkshirelass, I think the smell would get to me, and the hours. I will have to keep looking, I messed up on the marrying money thing, is too late now. Just hate work politics :(
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