Front Ankle pain

I have pain in the front of my ankle, and they feel a bit swollen, also but less so on the balls of my feet. I know if I put my sensible head on that I have been over doing it lately so am taking a bit of a rest. Has anyone got any ideas what might have caused this specific problem? And Whether I should be doing anything about it apart from resting/ cross training?


  • Just a thought, but do you lace your running shoes right to the top lace holes?
    If so it may be an idea to try lacing them using a lower set of holes, so as to not put too much pressure on the front of the ankle.
  • Out of interest what shoes are you using Ruth?
  • Nike Air Triax, they've done about 450 miles, I have been wondering if they are knackered, or perhaps not giving me enough support.
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