Hair Management

Right, I have very thick and long hair and I have trouble finding hair ties that would hold my pony tail together while I run. The one I'm using works but I have no backup ones. Any online store recommendation is welcome. Thanks


  • Hiya
    I have the same problem so I use the Boots own brand , can't remember their exact name but they are supposed to stop the damage to your hair, so they're thicker than usual and very strong. I also usually wear a cap with the strap under my ponytail to keep the hat on & keep my hair in place.
    If you find any better, let me know.
  • I have very thick hair and just plait it when it gets longer and too heavy. Stops the 'heavy hair headache' too
  • Me too - I found some good solid ones from 'claires accessories' if you have a store near you!
  • Thanks for all your input. I just bought some hair ties over the weekend and they look 'strong' enough but we'll see:)
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