I'm not 100% sure ....

... but I think my cheque has been cashed already (I'm at work, my cheque book is at home). This doesn't mean anything yet as I donated my dosh to charity.

Good luck everybody.


  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Same here - cashed but I also donated.
  • Mine is cashed too, but I donated as well.
  • Mine's not been cashed and I donated it!! Does that mean they don't want me or my money??? Or am I getting paranoid?
  • Mine has been cashed and I didn't donate so it looks like I'm in.

  • Maybe they cash the ones who are in first, than they cash the unlucky donators.

    sorry kinx, I need hope!
  • That's what I'm afraid of. Then again, maybe my bank are just slow.

  • Ah, would this be the mysterious £27 cheque on my bank statement I've been puzzling about today? That would explain it! Mind you, I donated my fee too.....
  • TractorTractor ✭✭✭
    Doh! No £27 withdrawal today. Oh well, roll on 2004!
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