Timex Ironman HRM - Good or Bad?

Before buying a Timex Ironman HRM I thought I'd ask users what they think of it.

The other candidate on my shortlist is the Ciclosport CR29, but I'm told that it is both bulkier and less well built for essentially the same functions.

Any feedback much appreciated.



  • I've got one, it works fine. Can't say much more really, the only thing I'd like is some kind of PC download but to be honest I doubt I'd ever use the feature if I had it.

    It's been soaked and bashed about as well, and still works.
  • Slowboy:

    Thanks. That is definitely useful. I'm a little confused about the 5 zones. Are they preset, are they based upon the maximum heart rate that you input or can you set each zone individually?
  • Hi Robert,

    I've got a Timex HRM. You put in your age and it calculates the values in the 5 zones.
    If you know your maximum heart rate (and it doesn't correspond to the age calculation) you lie about your age on the watch to get the maximum right and then it calculates the rest. You can also overide any of the calculated values in the zones if you want.

    I've had no trouble with the HRM. The digital signal is supposed to cause less interference and also the signal is coded so get no cross data from other peoples HRM (eg in a race). It all seems to work.

    The stopwatch functions are not as good as a normal Ironman watch.
    Big downside is that you can't view split and lap times together -this is annoying.

    Hope this helps (let me know if you need any more of the above explained in more detail).
  • I'm about to buy a Timex HRM having looked at various models available (Polar, Cyclosport, Reebok etc). There doesn't seem to be a lot between them in terms of functions at the £75-100 mark, but I'm leaning to Timex as they make Ironman watches which I had in the past (found on a road and then lost it myself!) which was good and I just feel the stopwatch from a watch company will be more accurate. Stupid reason probably. The only question is - fabric or plastic strap? Any advice on this?
  • I'm leaning towards the fabric strap just so that I can put it over a fleece jacket whenever it gets real cold.

    Maybe I should buy the plastic strap though, because I do have a spare fabric strap and I would then have both. Does anyone know whether there is any difference other than the strap?
  • fatbutfit

    I've got the plastic strap. Just a personal preferance, not got much experience with fabric straps. The plastic strap is of good quality if that helps.

  • I've got the fabric strap on mine. It's really comfortable, even when soaked with sweat!
  • Thanks for feeback chaps - just placed an online order for one with a fabric strap, as I have these on other watches and find them easier to adjust and comfortable - only problem is they can smell after a while as they absorb sweat/dirt/dead skin celle etc.
  • I scrub my fabric strap with fairy liquid evry couple of weeks to stop it getting whiffy!
  • HRM arrived Saturday (excellent service from www.heartratemonitor.co.uk) and I have to say so far, I'm impressed by it. It also looks good - much more like a watch than the Polar ones and strap is nice and comfy. In fact I'm wearing it as a watch today. Now just have to get it programmed with my HR's on the various settings.
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