Hip Pain (Intermittent)

I have looked through the forum and found other post about hips, but none describe the problem I have.

I have experienced this on 3 occassions at events but never in training (I do about 14 events a year). It has happened twice in a half and I have run through it, and it happened again on Sunday in a marathon and got so bad i had to drop out at 22 miles.

Basically, it starts as a dull ache across the back of my pelvis at hip bone level. I is quite deep ache. On each occassion it has kicked in at about 12 miles. It then gets steadily worse and then goes down into my hamstrings. I do not feelit over my glute, just in the band across the back and down the hamstrings.

On Sunday i ran with it and it was bad by 15, into the hamstrings by 16 and agony at 19. At 21 I slowed to a walk thinking that I would run walk, but at that point I could not control my legs proerly and started to stagger. The support team sprayed my legs and gave me a rub down and i tried to continue but had to stop at 22 as it was too painful and the pain made me vomit.

It always seems to clear/reapir within a day or so. Yesterday I was stiff and painful - not ache but sore - but i kept mobile stretched and massaged and today It feels a lot better. I reckon I will be running agin by the end of the week.

Has anyone got any experience of this? I am really keen to try and avoid it happening, and find it strange in that it only happens intermittently?

Also, has anyone got any idea of what type of specialist I should consult?


  • Poor you!

    Suggest you first try an Osteopath to determine if its the skelatal structure which is out which could give rise to a muscle imbalance Cause could be eg a twisted pelvis / leg length discrepancy - sounds as tho some selected muscles are being overloaded - compared to others

    Amazed it cleared so fast

    Intermitent - possible becuae its only a slight imbalance (?) - therefore its only long runs that really cause the problem to kick in

    After osteopath there's physio, then podiatrist (including video gait analysis)still to choose from!
  • SS - Thanks for the tips. I have been attending an osteopath for a lower back problem and she has not come up with anything other than a mild sacroilliac strain back in Jan which I am fully recovered. I had made a pre-cautionary visit on the Monday before the race and everything was fine.

    The pain I had was not the same as that which I got/get from the lower back thing, plus it was definitely in the hips.

    Have also been assessed by a podiatrist recently (free expo)and was confirmed as a pronator.

    It is all a bit mysterious and irritating.

    One theory that has come up is that it may be hormonal. There is a point during your cycle when you produce a hormone called relaxin, which softens and loosens the ligaments on the pelvic area. There is evidence that this can cause pain when exercising/running. I have found that there is a tie in. Each time I have experienced this has been at the same point in my cycle.

    Has anyone else heard of this?
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