Tired Arms...

Why is it that my upper arms (and sometimes my fore arms) get so tired during races. I have run about five 10K- and a few 5K races now and still it seems to be the part of my body that suffers the most. I work on my arms for at least 4 hours in week in the gym. What else should I do. Can it be that I should rather change the heavier weights for lighter ones? Faster, consequent reps?


  • The usual reason for this is running with tense hands andor with elbows at too acute an angle. Can also result in pain in the neck and shoulders. The advice usually given is not to bend the elbow more than 90 degrees and to keep the hands relaxed by imagining that one is holding a fragile object between thumb and forefinger.
    Lack of strength should not be a problem for road running, though fell and X-country runs do require a bit more armupper body effort.
  • Will try the hands thing for sure, but can that really have such an effect on my arms!? I really do work hard on my arms in the gym!?
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