One week to go

I know you're out there - I've seen the number of messages on other threads !!

Completing a duathlon will automatically qualify you for title of "Hero" in the eyes of all your non sporting family, friends and lardy arsed work colleagues !!

So come on - next tuesday marks the start of the Milton Keynes Duathlon Summer Series (full details on who's up for it ?


  • I would need a jet to get to milton keynes on a tuesday night!

    Like to do it though!!
  • Im in Bandanna Man. Will sort it out tomorrow.

    Did you do the TeamMK 10mile TT yesterday, wondered if you were there? Think I clocked 29:57, pretty please as it was my first ever race.
  • No - couldn't make the time trial on monday - good first time for you though. Won't be able to make next monday's either - which is not really a good start to the time trial season !!

    However will definitely be there on tuesday evening for the first duathlon so hope to ctach up with you then
  • The time trials are every week (just in case you wernt aware), since posting b4 ive just realised I may not be able to make the Duathlon after all.

    I'll see what I can re-arrange some stuff.
  • The route you did on monday for the time trial was the same as the Bucks Bunny circuit we did a few weeks ago, although the start and finish were in different places to make the distance exactly 10 miles. I've never actually broken 30 minutes for the course (so I've gone right off you !!!) 33.11 being my PB. Still going to break the 30 minute barrier one day so will keep trying.

    I know your Ironman training is taking up a great deal of your time but if you did manage to fit in the Duathlon I reckon you would enjoy it. Also good practice for the bike to run transition.
  • Carl - don't know whether you've seen them or not but the official results for last monday's time trial are now on the TeamMK website. You are shown at 29:57 as you thought.
  • Yes thanks BM, have seen the results, as I said really pleased. Blew up after 10 minutes as I started to fast (inexperience) also had cycled 85 miles the day before so will be hoping to break 28 mins soon. Found I enjoyed cycle racing much more than running, am a lot more competitive and the speed makes it much more of a rush.

    I really want to have a go at the Duathlon next week and have brought my rest week forward to this week now so will be doing it. Also doing the TT on Monday.

    May be a bit stiff though as cycling 100 miles then doing a 10k run straight after on Sunday... eek im dreading it lol.

  • Excellent - look forward to meeting you at the duathlon - look out for gold car, silver and black bike and who knows what colour bandanna !! Just hoping the weather forecast improves a bit - at the moment they're saying heavy rain which could make it fun on the bike.

    Doing the family bit on monday so won't be doing the time trial.

    And sounds like you're trying to kill yourself on sunday !! I assume the ironman training is going well
  • Yes see you there, im on a silver and dark grey cannondale with little aero bars. Driving Black Vauxhall Tigra.
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    my dad refered to me as 'a hero' the other night for doing TLD. quite taken back cos he's always been a hard b-stard.
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  • Nice compliment, I guess completing such an event and the commitment needed marks people out in a heroic kind of way.

    Im not sure id want to be called a hero but I can understand the meaning and reference to is is recognition of the achievement.
  • I think the thing is most people consider each of the individual distances for each discipline as taking some doing - when you put all three back to back that is something really special, even more so when you get up to the ironman distances
  • Incidentally the number of entries for tuesday's duathlon is now up to 41 so should be a good turnout. You're not on the list yet Carl so that makes 42 - what about you Daz 43? :-)
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    this a duathlon next wed. ill read back.

    soz but cant do if next week anyway cos tapering for an a-race - stratford tri.

    agree what you say about how people look on an ironman esp when marathon is such an achievement. i still cant believe it myself but looking forward to it.
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  • Daz - The duathlon next tuesday is the first of a five race series - each event taking place on the first tuesday of the months of May, June, July, August and September - so even if you can't make the first you might want to have a go at some of the others. Full details on
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    cheers, id like to but same with most races - dont have my own transport so can be a prob.
    looks like a good series though - ill check it out. ta!
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  • Just registered my entry.
  • Great stuff - see you tonight - if I can spot you trough the downpour !!!
  • The weather is awful...
  • Did you do the time trial yesterday evening? if so how did you get on?

    And how did the 100 mile bike ride followed by 10k run go over the weekend?
  • Didnt do the TT yesterday was a bit stiff from Sunday so did an easy 10 mile run instead.

    Sunday was cut short to a 70mile bike due to time constraints but averaged 17.1mph over the distance and really pleased with that as its much faster than any of my long rides before.
  • The best laid plans sometimes go haywire don't they !!

    And I like the way a 10 mile run can be described as easy - bet you wouldn't have thought that a few months ago !!

    17.1 average is good over that distance, wish I could do that

    Hey stopped raining - need to get on to Big Cow and see whether they can start the race now !
  • Nice to meet you Bandanna Man. Wow did we get wet or what.

    Im still drying off now lol.

    Really enjoyed the Duathlon tonight even with the downpours, think there was a mix up with the bike laps as although I finished the run last I passed someone in transition and another 4 or 5 people on the bike including lapping 2 of them. Really nailed it round some of those bends, riding by the seat of my pants and had back wheel sliding a few times. Dont know how some of those other guys cornered so fast.

    At the end they said theyd adjust it and thought id done 2 laps to many, my speedo said 11.7miles and not sure what the overall distance was but someone else only had 14.? KM on there speedo.

    Really enjoyed it though and not bothered about the time, just went for the experience.
  • Hey Carl - sorry I didn't reply yesterday but I wasn't in work and that is where I'm logged into the thread.

    Glad you enjoyed the event despite the appalling conditions. On the plus side though just think how much faster you'll be able to go on the bike when the course is dry. I reckon I did one lap too many on the bike course, which hasn't been taken into account, but what the hell - in conditions like that it is no suprise people got confused. The organisers at Big Cow assure me they will have the problem sorted by the next one in June.

    If you do the next one, and I hope you do, hang around afterwards for the presentations. They do spot prizes as well (which only get given to people that are still there) and I got one of the said spot prizes, consisting of a Big Cow water bottle, a Big Cow pen and a cereal bar. I know that's nothing much but it all adds to the fun of the event.
  • I will be doing the next one for sure, probably all of them. I want one of those Big Cow floppy hats that some of the children had on.

    Have you seen the MK thread in training, there is a curry night at Jaipur 19/5/04.
  • Hope your up for a bit of healthy competition !! The adjusted results on the Big Cow website now show me as right behind you !! Which means it's you I'll be trying to run down at the next duathlon !!

    Actually don't care if I beat you or not as I've set myself a target of breaking the hour for the 2 mile/10 mile/2 mile format. This means I will effectively get 3 goes at it - as the July duathlon is longer distances.

    As for the curry evening unfortunately I have other plans for that day so won't be able to make it.
  • Sounds like a good target Bandanna Man, think I may join you on trying to beat the hour. I plan to do all four of them.

    Still not 100% sure if I did 1 or 2 laps to many on the bike but they took 2 off.

    Next time if the laps are right ill get a more reliable time.

    Did you taper into the race i.e. have a rest day before?

    Oh and re-the competition there nothing wrong with a bit of competitiveness and its good fun. I can see it turning into you beating me on the run, and then I trying to pull ahead enough on the bike to hold you off on the final run lap.
  • Excellent - glad you're up for the challenge - And you're right - I figure to beat you I will need to cut down my run times and then just try to minimise my losses on the bike. Nice of them to put that little hill just after the bridge as you approach the finish - great for the tired legs !!

    And I did taper for the race - in fact I had 2 days off beforehand. Don't know how the seriously fit guys do it - Mark Simmons did the Eversholt triathlon on sunday, the time trial on monday (new course record) and then finished in second place on tuesday !!
  • Taper....

    I cycled 70miles at ave 17mph on Sunday, did 1 hr endurance swim Monday lunchtime & a 10 mile run in the evening and a 40 minute Gym session Tuesday lunchtime.

    Would be interesting to see what I could do on fresh legs lol?

    I wont be tapering for the Duathlon until perhaps the last one as I need to cram in lots of training. Not worried about speed at the momement just trying to build endurance, in fact I was only just getting into a rythem towards the end of the bike.

    Have you thought of doing the Monday TT's every week between the Duathlons, it will help your speed and I think the bike leg maybe where you can cut most of your time? Perhaps try a weekly long ride e.g. 30 miles.

  • Have you got any other goals this year other than a sub 1hr Duathlon?

    Are you going to do the NSPCC 1/2 Marathon?
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