One week to go



  • Long term targets that have been in place for a while are/were -

    Break 2 hours for a half marathon - did that at the MK Half earlier this year, so unsure whether I will do the NSPCC

    Break 50 minutes for a 10K race

    Break 30 minutes for a 10 mile time trial - so I will be doing some of the monday evening time trials but unfortunately monday's are not good days for me so probably end up only doing a small amount of them

    I need to put more time in on the bike (long weekend rides etc) but haven't, as yet, worked out when I can fit it all in. Still the enthusiasm is becoming to come back again so hopefully I will get into it even more.
  • There are organised group rides leaving Stoney Stratford every Saturday morning (TeamMK/MKCC). I often go on them, there is a slow and fast group, I go with the slow and we do about 2.5 - 4hrs (40-50miles).

    Im going out with them tomorrow so if your interested let me know.
  • Working tomorrow morning (as I often have to) so no can do I'm afraid.
  • Carl - I notice you have quite a few threads up and running in the runners world forums - how about seeing if you can generate some more interest in the MK Summer Duathlon Series ?

    The more the merrier and you never know it might even put a few more people behind us !!
  • Yes ill see what I can do... Have a look in the MK Training thread, might be able to generate a bit of interest there to.
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