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I am looking for a running club in Chiswick area. How does these clubs work? Do you have to train just with them? Do you pay omnthly subscriptions? What are the pros and the cons!?


  • With training just with them I meant to say: Do you have to attend a certain number of sessions each week?
  • I do not know a lot of clubs, but when I went the first time to "my" club 7 weeks ago, everyone was very friendly. I choose a speed and a distance, and they put me in a group. After the run, thee / we went to a pub.
    I am not attending all they sessions, just the ones wich suit me. On other days, if they are not running and I want to run, I just do it.
    I pay yearly, but it is not very expensive.
    There are a lot of pros, running with company, cheaper race entrance, the pub after the run, exchanging experiences, even training sessions.
    Sorry, I do not know any cons.

    Hope answered all your questions, but I am just beginner, so there are still some "professionals" here for more advise.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    I think that there are plenty of clubs in the west London area but a decent list can be found on the Serpentine website

    For my club, I pay £20 a year, do as much or little as I want to and get money off races & at a couple of shops.

    Hope you find a suitable one.

  • Our Club is annual membership, then a payment of £1 per session that you attend. There's a teabar for afterwards and lots of people sit around discussing running and exchanging news. There are lots of groups running different types and speeds from the track people to the marathoners. You just train which whoever you want as often as you want.
  • I go to a club in Wimbledon and it's £35 a year and that includes being able to use their club house and have showers etc after runs

    try (i think thats the url)
  • Thanks all for the info guys! I would still like to hear from someone in a club closer to chiswick. I had a look at yours Zoe, but the runs are at 19:00 and I am afraid I wont make it to Wimbledon (traffic and all) by that time.
  • do make it sound really attractive!

    I don't like the idea of paying everytime you go there though.
  • Got the Runs

    Check out Ealing, Southall & Middlesex AC. They are based in Boston Manor/ Perivale which is very close to Chiswick. Look them up on the web

  • Your local club is West 4 Harriers in Grove Park. Look them up at:

    Another one to consider is TVH in Acton. They are at:

    Good luck.
  • Dangly Spice
    Yours sounds a lovely club to me - a 49 year old 12 minute miler. I do not feel I would be welcome at many clubs as I am also two stone overweight but trying to get faster and fitter. I don't suppose you are in Bolton, Lancashire are you? Also, does anyone know the Running Sisters Network web site number - I can't find it anywhere.
  • Thanks a MILLION John!!
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