How are you?



  • Paula,

    Good to see you back. We've just moved back to Belgium, which should be good for running - even if it does rain all the time!

    I haven't been up to much. Similar story to Tim in CPC in the Hague. Hoping to get a good time in the Brussels 20k, although with the amount of running I'm managing to fit in at the moment, this may be optimistic.
  • I'm still here!!

    I'll be seeing a podiatrist in the next couple of weeks in an attempt to get back out on the road.

    Total mileage so far this year - about 9.#
    Total pints drunk - about 900.
  • I take it that's pints of water, FF?

    PS your face doesn't look VERY fat ...
  • Had to stretch the piccy to get it to fit!!
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