In this months Running Fitness, Start Fitness has a Concurve Extend Waterproof Jacket at £79.99 anyone had one, someone on another thread said that Concurve are o.k. I don't want to spend that much and then find out it's crap.


  • Don't know how good they are but you will be lucky if you can get hold of one. I live in Brighton and can't seem to find a supplier anywhere. Concurve helpline number, no help either!!! Anybody know somewhere I don't?
  • Concurve make fantastic gear. Worth trying before buying though as they tend to make things a little on the small side!

    I have a Windstopper jacket and it keeps the wind out (Strange that) and is fairly shower resistant.

    On the other hand I have just got a Nike storm fit jacket and its loooooovely!!!
  • I'm sorry but I disagree with you Jon. on one point.

    Concurve is wonderful gear, but they dont, IMHO make things 'on the small side'. All manufacturers these days in my opinion make things a bit on the 'massive side'. I'm not a particularyly small bloke, esp. amongst runners, yet I really struggle with some brands definitions of 'small'. 'Small' Ronhill T-shirts hang off me. 'Small' Mizuno kit is also rather baggy. Concurve small gear fits me nicely.

    Its the old race t-shirt analogy. Runners as a population are smaller than your average Joe, yet manufacturers insist on creating clothes that will fit the average memeber of the 'great un-movings' perception of what small is (i.e. the upwards trend in the physical dimensions of a size 10 in the last 10 years), and race organizers insit in only buying in T-
    shirts in Large.

    Rant over. Hope I didnt ruffle any feathers...

    p.s. Sweatshop Reading have just got a shedload of new Concurve gear in, give em a ring.

    p.p.s If your looking for a nice windproof layer, see if you can get a look at the concurve Windbreaker N2S (Next 2 Skin) shirt. I just brought one and its fab! Its basicly a full zip, high neck wicking baselayer, with a windproof outer coating. Very versatile and very warm, yet not sticky.
  • Well... I disagree with KorsaKing.... Etc...

    I'm 38" chest and had to get an XL!
  • You must be having a giraffe m8! I'm a 36-37" chest & I normally have to get small. I'da thought a medium would fit a 38" chest? Could be something to do with my 28" waist though, or perhaps my 5'7" stature.
    With a range of opinions like this, needless to say your probably best going with Jons advice and try the darn stuff on first! :)
  • we finally agree!!!

    I have a 33" waist and am 6'2" tall!

    the Jog Shop in Brighton also agree with me! So there!!! Anyhoo! Try the gear out in a shop, if you can get it cheaper Mail Order do that!
  • Handbags at 40 paces, shall we get the lipstick out as well.

    Boys, boys its only a jacket for goodness sake.


  • I've just got myself a view from vortex and with my reflective tabbard over the top my son said I looked just like a dustbin man! There's encouragement for least I was dry and visible tonight on my first after dark run. If it works, wear it!
  • Jon you sound a bit stressed, go and have a lie down you'll feel better.
  • I bought one of the Concurve jackets from Start Fitness @ £80 and have used it. It's light, well ventilated and keeps you bone dry (apart from the unavoidable sweat build-up). As far as I'm concerned its brill and at £80, a good bargain. I bought a Large, and it fits me a treat (42" chest).
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