Why is ephedraine banned in the UK but available from the states? Is it really that bad?


  • like speed
    is that bad?
  • Sorry for ignorance - what is ephedraine?
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    Ephedrine is a stimulant which has a similar effect to adrenaline. Also available in an artificial form - pseudoephedrine, which is often added as a pick-you-up to cold remedies.

  • Ephedrine isn't banned here, but it's not easy to get hold of. It's a stimulant which clubbers sometimes take as a form of legal high.

    Real runners, of course, do not use such stimulants. Cheats do, however.
  • Ephedribe is actually readily available from chemists - try asking for it in Boots. It's a decongestant. Last time I bought some it cost less than a quid for a nose-drop bottle.

    I've used it lots to ease nasal congestion. I have not noticed any "recreational" effects - and I *was* looking out for them ;-)

    Incidentally, Sudafed contains pseudoephedrine.

    Ephedrine is not illegal here but it is a banned substance in athletics due to its stimulant properties.

    I though Benz was a doctor?

  • putting Ephedine in vicks inhalers is a bit of an ironic thing?

  • Wasn't the US Vicks inhaler the reason why the Brit who won a medal for skiing at the recent winter olympics was stripped of his medal? He was used to taking the UK Vicks inhaler, which doesn't contain the ephedrine, and claimed not to know that US versions do. Sad story that.
  • i was being ironic:)
  • Benz,

    My "I thought benz was a doctor" comment was not because I thought that you were seriously promoting speed, but because I was surprised that you didn't know that ephedrine was a legal decongestant.

  • i do, but was just making a facetious comment:)
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