anterior compartment syndrome

hi are there any other runners who suffer from this condition. It's driving me mad,When i started running in may my shins were very sore from day one and i thought it was just my legs adjusting to the pounding they were getting and sure enough by increasing my speed and mileage very gradually the pain eventually subsided to a bearable level.However after taking a 2 week break after a 1/2 marathon in early september the pain since starting again has been murder causing me to pull out of a 10k race after 1 1/2k's and although completing my last 10k race i was in constant pain all the way round.
I have tried new running shoes as i thought the old ones were past it i take anti-inflammatories before every run but of late nothing has helped,Does anyone know of anything else i could try or indeed is there anyone suffers with it and if so what did you do to beat it any help would be cure it.
one chop
i should have said i did go and see a specialist and they confirmed that i do have compartment syndrome.


  • Did the specialist not suggest what you should do?

    There are several runners' injury sites around - check out the threads with titles such as "shin splints" and so on, I think they were posted in there. Can't remember if this is the same as anterior compartment syndrome or not, but the sites mentioned there may have something to help anyhow.

    There's one by Dr Pribut that I've used in the past that I found helpful. Type the name into Google or Ask Jeeves or another search engine.

    Cheers, Iain
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