Polar S610

I have a very basic HRM that just tells me my heart rate. I want to upgrade to something that records average and max for each split, up to at least 26 splits, and then allows me to save this data to a computer. The S610 seems to do all this. I know a couple of people on the forum have got them and seem happy with them. I wonder if there are any others (hopefully cheaper) that I should look at.

I'm preparing my list for Santa!



  • Millipede I have been looking at HRM for the best part of 6 months this year, holding on for the cycling HRM 710 but know where to be found over here I then went for the 610 and love it.

    I find it very user friendly and great info on the downloading on your performance.

    Santa has loads in stock!!!
  • I've got an S210 which does everything you want except downloading to a computer. I think the S410 will do that and is obviously cheaper than the S610. Anyway, I've been very pleased with my S210.
  • Forgot to mention - if you contact Polar from their website... http://www.polar-uk.com/ask/index.html ...then they'll get back to you with a personal reply.
  • I have the S410, it allows you to download to your pc, its done through a sonic link, you have to hold the watch to your pcs microphone. Its been really great, I bought it from www.sportsaver.co.uk
  • The S610 is excellent and if you can afford it then go for it.
    Definately recommend it.
  • I have a S610, and I am reasonably happy with it. Except: (1) gets confused by traffic signals (it is not fun when you do 35k and find that your max hr was 235); (2) the calendar software is not very user-friendly and lacks lots of essential features; (3) the plastic screen gets scratched; (4) the wrist gets worn quickly; (5) the "fitness test" is not accurate when you do repeated tests to check accuracy. But the data download works. So: lots of design flaws, but the features are ok. It would be easy to design a better HRM though.
  • Got to agree with Erkko, not had any problems with the monitor, but the S/W leaves a lot to be desired especially the calendar ... cant add exercise to future dates and setting reminders are a nitemare!! But dont let this put you off, the monitor is great!!
    One last point, dont forget the polar IR interface @ £27 otherwise you wont be able to upload or download data.
  • Agree with Speedie & Mark P.

    Haven't had problems with traffic lights, but have maxed out at 235 sitting in the car!

    The Polar Software has recently been updated to a newer version:

    You can sign up for an Email update so you get informed of new releases (and I've not been bombarded with junk either).

    or the software link:


    They also have some "ready made" exercise sets at:


    "The most essential new features:
    Calendar - Exercise not to be reported starts with *

    Diary - Maximum exercise count per day increased from 5 to 10
    Average temperature value saved automatically to the Day Information page at the Diary with S710/S710i/S720i

    Lap Times dialog - Time can be added now also as difference to previous lap time: add + (plus sign) before time value to the Time field. The value is added to the latest lap time. (Not to the lap time in the end of an exercise)

    Manual editing for R-R data
    Manual R-R interval editing in milliseconds by double-clicking a row in the Listing (View – Listing). The feature is available only for millisecond values shown in multiple columns.

    Person Properties – HR Zones
    HR Zone Set can have individual maximum heart rate (instead of general max HR)"

    As you can probably guess, I'm a big fan (Santa, last year) and I'd also recommend John Parker's "Heart Rate Monitor Training for the Compleat (sic) Idiot" which you can get from Amazon.co.uk:


    However, as with ALL of these HRMs & electronic running gadgets, there is the possibility of spending too much time recording, analysing, exporting results to excel, making additional pretty bar PB graphs etc etc ..... and not actually enjoying your running!

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