I work in an office during the day and due to the fact I start work at 11am, I don't have lunch till 3pm and find myself having to snack to bring me up to my lunch. Just wondered if anybody had any ideas on healthy and benefical snacks for running? Eating pretzals at the moment but all that salt can't be good for me!


  • I'm really into Frusli bars - very tasty - or how about some malt loaf (there was another thread somewhere on the site about how good malt loaf is). I usually have one about an hour - hour and half before I go for my lunchtime training session
  • I always eat fruit.

    hard to go wrong with that really...
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Jaffa cakes are good - low fat, vague fruit content & fulfil the need that some people have for chocolate. I also recommend bagels though not if you have to answer the phone all the time.
  • Katie, I do the pretzel thing and I don't worry about the salt as I never add it to anything I make. Although it's probably lurking in everything else.

    But then I'm a self-confessed pretzel addict.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Try dried fruit (can be easier than fresh in an office situation) or malt loaf.
  • what time do you have breakfast?- could you shift your mealtimes around so - breakfast is later' then 3pm lunch is not so late?

    i have shifted my eating around a bit and sometimes have my breakfast type food as a early lunch - a bowl of cereal with some milk might not be too difficult at 12ish?
  • I'm into cereal bars like Parky have you tried the new Alpen ones, they are tasty, ideal for snacking and I carried some with me on a recent off road trail run.
  • I liked the new Alpen cereal bars until i read the ingredients and worked out how much sugar was in them! I usually snack on a box of raisins kept in a handy old margarine tub on the side in the kitchen next to the biccie barrel so there's no excuses! Also lots of fruit (mostly bananas).
    I have recently, through an accident in the kitchen, discovered sugar puff sandwiches which are quite tasty and filling.
    (OK OK i know i'm a bit weird!)
  • Dried fruit - apricots, bananas etc.

    Banana and peanut butter sandwich is one of my favourites - particularly on the way home from work - it's enough to keep me going for a couple of hours if I want to run straightaway - might work for you too. Plenty of carbs.

    Liked yoghurt covered flapjacks too until I saw the article in a running mag saying how many calories and grammes of fat they had - equivalent to about 18 jaffa cakes or something!
  • My snacks include Dried Fruit (apricots & Prunes), High Five energy Bars, Jelly Babies (low fat !!!)all are all good but best of all BANANAS
  • Flapjacks are one of the most deceptive "healthy" foods ever - all that fat!

    My favourite snacks are hard to define as I tend to eat little but often as opposed to square meals. Therefore almost every meal I have is kind of a snack. However I am very fond of apples, pots of yoghurt, toast, and (it had to come..) the dreaded chocolate.

    Fortunately for me, my favourite crisps - Squares - are relatively low in fat, so the bag or so I eat per day isn't a major impact on my health.
  • You can't beat bananas. I live on them!

    Remind me to get a life....
  • Stop talking about crisps, does EVERYONE know im not eating them at the mo!!
  • before you are tempted to eat these so called 'healthy' snack bars read the packet. Many of them are loaded with fat, salt and sugar.
    Malt Loaf with jam on it and banana all made into a sandwich
  • Malt loaf at two for 59p in Safeways this week for all you malt loaf fans!
  • Bananas are a real fave for me!

    Sob, living in the u.s. at the moment where there is NO malt loaf, sob... no doubt I'll put on 1 stone when I get back from eating malt loaf!!

    Bagels are good I reckon, low in fat and tasty.

    Oh and cake&cookies every so often too...
  • What about cheesy snack-a-jacks? They're like little rice cakes but they're quite tasty (they come in sweet and savoury flavours). Low fat, low cal, filling, and a bag lasts a while too.
  • Fig rolls...I love them, but apparently the England football team snacked on them during the world cup, much good it did them. Dried bananas are yummy too.
  • Tesco sells organic Fruitus bars - no added sugar, just rolled oats and apple/sultana/apricots and they are gorgeous and really really low fat etc.

    Otherwise my GNC card gets a hammering on energy and protein bars.. i find i can always justify something if it has added nutritional value!
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Just eaten my little pot of raisins and sunflower seeds (more economic if you buy a huge bag and pack into a pot yourself than buy those daft 'lunchbox snack pack' things). Bought the cheap malt loaf duo at Safeways on Friday, haven't opened it yet..... but when I do I don't think it'll take long to eat both. Fruit, lots of fruit.
  • My favourite office snack is a banana, but I'm also partial to assorted Kelloggs things: Nutrigrain, Elevenses, and Special K bars. Start bars would be fantastic, but they haven't been invented yet.

    Must try Sugar Puff sandwiches :-)
  • Dried fruit is good but not too much or you may end up 'running' to the loo!!!
    Malt loaf is excellent, if they are too sweet they now do a fruity ryvita with sultanas in.
    If I know I don't need a snack I will have a big mug of coffee and that will keep the munchies at bay til lunch time.
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